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25 Impressive Blog Footers

Footers are often an afterthought in blog design. The blogs on this list are excellent examples for the rest of us that the footer can be a helpful and interesting aspect of the design.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

10 Easy Ways to Improve Internal Linking on Your Blog

An effective internal linking strategy is important for a few reasons: 1) It helps to increase page views and encourage readers to stay on your blog longer by providing enticing links to content that may interest them, and 2) it can help to improve the search engine rankings for your posts and pages.

11 Tips for Getting Readers for Your Business Blog

You've set up your blog and can't wait to start writing. Trick is, how do you keep your readers coming back and not go away?photo by pedrosimoes7

50 Blog Post Ideas for Business Blogging

Business blogging is not always easy.

A business blog is subjective but unlike a private blog you still are writing for people interested in your trade, products and services and not necessarily you as a person watching movies and eating out.

Gary Vaynerchuck’s Tips on Blogging for Money

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What blog posts bring in the most readers?

Sheep - Photo courtest of
Jacob Cass shares his thoughts on what brings readers to a blog. Maybe you could employ the same strategies to get more readers to your blog?

Designing a Blogger Business Card

As bloggers we're used to doing all our networking and promotion online. None of us are likely to be taking out billboard advertising deals any time soon, but a business card is a cheap and easy way to network in the real world as well.

The Great British blogs

Blogs are brilliant. British blogs are even better. Gary Marshall has filtered, winnowed and sorted through the blogosphere to present the 50 best blogs from Blighty – ranging from the plain weird and passionately political to Doctor Who and Samuel Pepys.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tips on Curing Blogger's Block

You know you need to make an entry on your blog and facing a deadline. Then it hits...your mind goes blank. Now what?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bloggers Making A Difference

Bloggers Unite is an attempt to harness the power of the blogosphere to make the world a better place. By asking bloggers to write about a particular subject on 1 day of the month, a single voice can be joined with thousands to help make a difference; from raising awareness for cancer, to an effort to better education systems or supporting 3rd world countries.

Ultimate Blogger 3

Ultimate Blogger 3 is a fast paced competition between internet pundits from around the world, all locking horns and braving carpal tunnel syndrome to win the title of the internet's best blogger.

Malaysian Court Frees Activist Blogger

A Malaysian court freed the editor of an antigovernment Web site Friday, ruling that the government unlawfully used its Internal Security Act to detain him.

Some Blogging Basics

Here's a good list of blogging basics.

70 Fresh And Modern Blogger Templates

You can never have a too wide choice of templates for your blog, especially if you’re the experimenting type. Therefore, here are some Blogger themes, focused on fresh and modern designs,...about 70 of them.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

How Big Companies Use Social Media

Eight major companies gathered in San Jose, CA this week to demonstrate how they are using social media the “right” way.

Blog Glossary

This glossary provides some basic definitions for the words when referring to blogs.

How to get traffic for your blog

Seth Gordin has just a 'few' things to suggest that will help drive traffic to your blog site.

A Beginners Guide to Blogging - Blogging Platform

There are a number of blogging platforms available and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The first decision you need to make is whether you want to have a hosted blog or a self hosted blog.

ROI of blogging

Good article on how to utilize ROI for your blogging needs.

The Internet's Top Blogs: What We Can Learn From Their Success

What are those recurring themes that contribute to a blog site being successful? This article may help shed some light.

The 10 Types of Business Blog Posts

Business blog posts generally fall into one of 10 types. When you’re trying to write for your business blog and you feel a little stuck (or if you’re new to business blogging), you can just pick one of these 10 types of business blog posts to use as a guide.

Friday, November 07, 2008

So How Much Do Social Media/Top Tier Bloggers Make?

bloggingpose.pngThe media world is changing and its jobs are changing too. The rise of the blogger is an often-told story, but are the lucky few bloggers who do it for a living well paid?

Blog Action Day Poverty

On October 15th, bloggers everywhere published posts that discuss poverty in some way.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In era of blog sniping, companies shoot first

During past downturns, layoffs were mostly a private affair. Big companies tended to issue vague press releases filled with jargon about "downsizing," and start-ups often gave people the pink slip without telling the world anything at all.

Not anymore. In the age of transparency, the layoff will be blogged.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Blogcritics: An Online Magazine is a new kind of online magazine, an interactive community in which writers and readers from around the globe talk about stories, issues, and products. If it's happening in the world – from global political issues to obscure rock bands, from the latest best selling novel to the TV shows that aired last night – has it covered.

Blogged is about discovering what the best bloggers are blogging about right now, and about finding the blogs that will interest you the most. Blogged is updated throughout the day to bring you the latest and most interesting posts from our index of more than one million blogs. is a place for both readers and bloggers.

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A Set of Principles for Successful blogging

There are so many books on how to create a blog that will be successful. But with so much reading, one can forget those steps. Here's a list about skills and habits that are important to help you meet your goal.

Taking Your Blog To The Next Level

A good article that provides some insight on how own a blog that you can run like big business: hands-off, by employing others to do your work and taking the left-over profits.

How to Design for Ads in Blog Design

Anyone who has been reading blogs for than a few days will notice that there are two common types of ads in blogs. Those two types are Google adsense, which is essentially a bunch of text with links and banner ad blocks, which often comes in the size of 125 x 125. Then there are three places it often gets placed, the sidebar, inside of a post, or at the bottom of a post.

10 Ways to Find Readers for Your Blog By Leveraging Other Online Presence

One of the simplest ways to grow your blog’s readership is to leverage other places that you have an online presence.

Chocolate & Zucchini


Chocolate & Zucchini is a blog written by Clotilde Dusoulier, a 29-year-old Parisian woman who lives in Montmartre and shares her passion for all things food-related -- thoughts, recipes, musings, cookbook acquisitions, quirky ingredients, nifty tools, restaurant experiences, ideas, and inspirations.

Blog's Eye View

Blog's Eye View
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Skype Blogs

Blog about the latest Skype news, written from the perspective of the people who work at Skype.