Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to organize your content with WordPress custom taxonomies

Organizing content can be a lot of fun. Well, it can be a lot of fun if you’re a crazy blogger/librarian-at-heart, like many of us are. By Ryan Imel

How to create attractive post images on your blog

Ryan really likes it when an image is only parallely connected to the content, but that adds something to it in its own way. It’s our own form of art direction. By Ryan Imel

How to improve local WordPress development on a Mac

In this tutorial Ryan will show you how to set up WordPress installs using MAMP in your Mac /Sites directory, how to set up multiple localhost aliases, and briefly talk about the various versions of WordPress he keeps on his Macs. By Ryan Imel

Using WordPress for Magazine Publishing

At WordCamp Melbourne 2011, Kate Kendall presented a case study, showing how to use WordPress for magazine publishing. You can follow Kate on Twitter at @katekendall.

See the video here.

8 Premium WordPress Food and Restaurant Themes

Here are 8 Premium WordPress themes for food and restaurant websites. By Kim Woodbridge

11 Top WordPress Plugins Every Blog Should Have

WordPress in itself is a decent system but it can be made into a rock solid blogging beast. By Joost de Valk

WordPress 3.1 is out, upgrade carefully!

WordPress 3.1 was released couple of days ago with much fanfare and as usual its loaded with improved features, new features and fixes that were reported in previous releases. By Blog Design Studio

WordPress Design Inspiration 6 – for Sidebar of a Blog

Without Inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant, they is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks. ~ Johann Gottfried Von Herder.

Plugin Updates Blocker Plugin for WordPress Designers / Developers

Plugin Updates Blocker Plugin for WordPress Designers / Developers

As a WordPress designer or developer, sometimes you may find yourself editing the core files of a specific WordPress plugin. By WordPress Plugins

WordPress Essentials – Installing Themes

Installing a theme is something that all site owners will want to do soon after installing their blog. By Dave Clements

Adding Shadow and Curved Borders to Page Elements

Earlier versions of the Catalyst Theme allowed for the Wrap Border to be enhanced with box shadow and rounded corners quite easily. By David Pritchard

How to Redirect Blogspot Blog at Go Daddy Domain

godaddyblogger11 thumb How to Redirect Blogspot Blog at Go Daddy Domain

The control panel of Go Daddy is one of the most advanced and powerful domain control panel but it is little bit confusing for beginners. By DevilMustCry

3 Tips to Make Blogger Blog SEO Friendly

Blogger (Blogspot is the ultimate way of blogging for beginners as well as experts). Blogger offers first class server faster than any shared hosting server. By DevilMustCry

Formidable WordPress Plugin to Create Database Forms

There are many WordPress plugins to add forms in WordPress and I have already told about ultimate email form builder plugin cform2. By DevilMustCry

WordPress Made Easy

5 steps to make WordPress work for your company website, right off the shelf. By Christopher Ross

WordPress SEO – Essential Settings and Plugins

In the industry, WordPress has been tagged as “having good SEO semantics”. This is true in that it presents search engine bots with a clean experience. By Derick Schaefer

How To: Create an Article Directory with WordPress

Article directories have been popular over the last few years, there are some huge examples of them, such as Go Articles, Ezine Articles and Articles Base. By Wplift

How To Be A Rockstar WordPress Designer

How To Be A Rockstar WordPress Designer: WordPress 3 Revision!

With the recent release of WordPress 3.0, Rockable Press has just released an updated version of How to be a Rockstar WordPress Designer by Collis Ta’eed and Harley Alexander.

Top 50 WordPress Tutorials

As a web developer, you can broaden your potential client base and add value for existing clients by listing ‘WordPress’ as an area of expertise. Of course, unless you want to bluff your way through jobs, you’d better have the skill to back-up that claim. This collection will help. By NetTuts

Blogging Tutorials

This page lists the articles and tutorials relevant to blogging, such as starting or creating your blog, reviews of different blogging software, customizing and optimizing your blog, improving the search engine friendliness or readiness of your blog, and so on. By The Sitewizard

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Does Your WordPress Blog Need Jetpack?

Automattic (the company behind has released a plugin for self hosted WordPress fans that will make it easier for them to receive some of the features from without having to scour the WP directory for a plugin. By Darnell Clayton

The Only 3 Methods of Making Money Blogging You Ever Need To Know

So many people are looking for ways to make money blogging. People who are new to the blogging world seem to make it more complicated than it really is. The truth is, making money blogging can be broken down into 3 simple methods. By James Dunaway

Blog Commenting Systems: Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to blogging, one decision that many users have to face is whether they should outsource their comments to a third party client or stick with using their de facto commenting system instead. By Darnell Clayton

Tips for Finding Guest Bloggers to Add Content to Your Blog

If you’re a blogger you should know the value of coming up with original content on a regular basis. By Nichehosters

Easiest Way to Move Blog from to

So what is the easiest way to shift, migrate or move blog to self hosted blog? By Quick Online Tips

Guest blogging done the right way

If you want to bring targeted traffic that will get great conversions then guest blogging is a great choice for you. By Dilusium Age

What’s the Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

6 years ago they meant two different things to most people you asked. A blog was a specific kind of website where the author wrote long pieces about their interests, desires, art or other passions. By Jack Humphrey

Be the Next YouTube Sensation With YouTube Creator Institute!

Want to develop digital media skills and launch your career as a YouTube celeb? Now’s your chance! By BlogWorld

38 Brilliant Bloggs Talk About StumbleUpon

A good listing of great blogs to check out. By BlogWorld

Friday, March 11, 2011

Anatomy Of A Niche Blog Makeover

Great tips on the making of a niche blog makeover. By Thomas Sinfield

Getting Your Niche Blog Off To The Best Start!

How can I find experts in a particular niche so that I gain ideas and experience from them? By Thomas Sinfield

The Blogging Mentality

The internet lifestyle is something that many of us reading here aspire to. It represents freedom, choice and flexibility that a regular 9-5 job prevents us from having. By Thomas Sinfield

Does Google Adsense On A Brand New Blog Affect Indexing And Ranking?

cruise seo comp Does Google Adsense On A Brand New Blog Affect Indexing And Ranking?

Does Google Adsense On A Brand New Blog Affect Indexing And Ranking? By Thomas Sinfield

A Simple Guide To Totally Dominating Your Niche!

The whole purpose of a niche site is to build as much search engine traffic as possible so that your sites begin to run (and profit) on auto-pilot. By Thomas Sinfield

4 Unique Ways to Make Your Blog Reap Gold

Blogging is becoming a craze on the internet. It is used for the variant purposes e.g. education, entertainment, health discussions and marketing. By Montey

Earn while you blog

There are many people around the globe who blog just to share information and to get fame at the same time. By Blog Network Watch

Want to Write a Blog for Bloomberg Businessweek?

The online magazine has a Small Business Department and every day it carries a blog in a section called “Today’s Tip.” By Jeannette Paladino

Promote Your Blog With a Facebook Banner from

Fbanners final result.

By now, you’re aware of the new Facebook profiles and how they add your tagged photos to the top of your profile. By Charnita Fance

How to Consistently Develop Great Content as a Blogger

The major problem most bloggers face is with developing content. While getting traffic to your blog can be fun and making money from your blog can be an exhilarating experience, creating great content consistently can be really difficult. By Onibalusi Bamidele

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

How to Add Tweet Box to Blogger

It has been a long time since @Twitter released the @AnyWhere Developer Tool. AnyWhere allows you to seamlessly integrate Twitter into your site using a few lines of JavaScript. By Blogger Widgets

Render Blogger Blog in IE using Google Chrome Frame

Google Chrome Frame is an open source plug-in that seamlessly brings Google Chrome's open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer. By Blogger Widgets

Better YouTube Support in Blogger

Blogger allows you to upload your own videos via the Blogger Post Editor. By Blogger Widgets

How does Blogger Mobile work?

Additional information here.

Mobile Templates for Blogger

Blogger has now released mobile templates, which would make your blog look cool on your smartphones. By Blogger Widgets

How to post large images in Blogger(Multiple Image Sizes in Blogger)


Blogger is integrated with Picasa and all the images that you upload to Blogger automatically becomes a part of your Picasa account. By Blogger Widgets

More Fonts on Blogger Template Designer

Blogger now provides custom fonts for your blog site. By Blogger Widgets

Facebook Like/Fan Box For Blogger


This tutorial is for everyone who has already created a Facebook Fan Page. If have not created one, try making one. By Blogger Widgets

Official Android App for Blogger


Good news for all android Folks!!. Blogger has released an official Android App. By Blogger Widgets

How to Build Your Blogging Credibility – While Getting Paid

Your traffic is almost non-existent. Your subscriber numbers are still in the double digits. Readers never email you. Bloggers never link to you. And you’re pretty sure that the “nice post, honey!” comment was left by your mom. By DailyBlogTips

Why Your Business Should – And Shouldn’t – Have A Blog

There’s a common opinion that your businesses should blog. And that’s true – a lot of them should, but that doesn’t mean you should blog just to blog. By DailyBlogTips

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

11 Ways to Write an Irresistible Intro to Your Blog Post

Imagine that you’ve been invited to a party where you don’t know anyone. You’ve come through the door, grab a drink, and stand there feeling like a pony with five legs.

Nobody seems to pay any attention to you. After a while you start sidling to the door in order to escape. Or maybe you tough it out and start ‘making conversation’. By Mary Jaksch

What Bloggers can Learn from Farmville

We all poke fun at Farmville, but the fact of the matter is that what some people dismiss as a silly little Facebook game actually has over 62 million active users as of September 2010. By Allison Boyer

Are You Too Busy to Write? Seven Ways to Blog More Productively

Office Work #jpg365

Writing content is vitally important for your blog. It is your source of direct visitors, plus the meat of what you share in social media, the combination of which is essentially all the marketing many of us do. Your content attracts and maintains a relationship with your subscribers, and it is also what prompts readers to take action, even if that action is simply a blog comment. By Chris Garrett

How to Build a Coaching Practice with a Blog

Good article to help all the coaches out there who want to attract more clients, or maybe start their coaching practice. By Chris Garrett

How to Use Your Text Editor to Improve SEO on Your Blog


If you’ve been making blog posts for a while, you’ve probably developed habits with formatting your text and images. By Denise Wakeman

Is it cheating to use PLR on your blog? Interview with Nicole Dean

The challenge of creating content on an ongoing basis is a frequent topic of discussion between bloggers. Occasionally the question of using private label rights content (PLR) enters the conversation. By Denise Wakeman

Four Ways to Beat Blogger’s Block

Writer’s block, also known as blogger’s block, can be a huge problem for bloggers who need to keep their sites updated on a regular schedule. Katheryn Rivas

How to Avoid Becoming Just Another Social Media Burnout

cartoon image from Hugh MacLeod

To keep this whole social media thing on the road, you find yourself spending 18 hours a day on the computer, working that online buzz, working those relationships, for both you and your clients — Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr. It’s never-ending. Relentless. By Hugh MacLeod

7 Good Things that Blogging Brings

Why should you blog? I can’t tell you. I don’t like telling people what to do, or why they should do something. By Arsene Hodali

How to Blog, Muppet Show-Style

Here are some ideas on how to blog Muppet Show-style. By Marjorie Clayman

Sunday, March 06, 2011

The 7 Personality Types of Bloggers Today

A successful blog is the result of a lot of hard work by the blogger(s) who run it. The extent of its success depends on the blog’s style, its content, its focus on its core subject matter, as well as its marketing and publicity. By Aidan Huang

7 Essential Things All Bloggers Should Be Doing

7 Essential Things All Bloggers Should be Doing

With the number of blogs online growing every day, it is increasingly difficult to stand out and achieve success with your blog. In the end, many bloggers that start out with high hopes and expectations wind up deciding that blogging really isn’t worth their time. By Vandelay Design

Friday, March 04, 2011

5 blog directories that are great for backlinks

Blogarama Search Bar

You all know that link building is a huge, important part of being a blog owner. Not only do you want to build backlinks to your blog, but you want them to be high quality and relevant. By Charnita Fance

How often should you update your blog?

One question that is being asked often in the blogosphere is the question of how often a blog should be updated. We all want working formulas and at the same time we also want to please our audience. By Onibalusi Bamidele

21 ways to get traffic to your blog

Getting traffic to your blog is one of the most important things you need to do as a blogger but it is no surprise many bloggers still find it difficult to build blogs with high traffic even though they’ve read countless of articles on the subject. By Onibalusi Bamidele

The Dangers of Integrating Your Blog w/ Facebook

For bloggers, Facebook has provided an unprecedented way for us to connect with out readers. By Jonathan Bailey

When Will Blogging Be Accepted as a Career Choice?

It really depends on whom you’re asking… your super supportive aunt? Well, then it’s a great career choice. By The Blog Herald

Tumblr Debuts Curation Feature For Post Tagging

Tumblr wants bloggers to tag their posts, while giving users the ability to find those tags in an easy to navigate setup, that’s why they announced their new Explore Page. By The Blog Herald

Why Do Bad Internet And Social Media Marketers Thrive?

The Internet and to an extent Social Media can do wonders. By The Blog Herald

How to Build Trust With a New Blog

These days blogs are spreading like wildfire across cyberspace. Finding a way to make your blog stand out from the masses takes some work. By The Blog Herald