Monday, February 28, 2011

Nine Ways to Spice Up Any Blog Post—Fast

Did your latest post get all the readers, comments and tweets that it deserved? By Ali Luke

Eliminate 21 Reputation-Crushing Writing Mistakes from Your Blog

Writing mistakes are like speed bumps on the blog post open highway. They slow down the reader and remove her from your world—the created reality that you share through your text. By Stefanie Flaxman

Accepting the Blogger’s Social Responsibility

Based on the inherent characteristic that bloggers enjoy helping each other, shouldn’t we bloggers have a social responsibility to give back to society? By Bryan Cassidy

How to Brand Your Blog’s YouTube Channel

Whether you run a business with a YouTube channel, you’re a blogger whose blog has a complementary YouTube channel, or you’re someone with a blog who’s thinking of setting up a YouTube channel, you may be interested in knowing how to brand a YouTube channel. By Jenny Dean

How I Quit My Day Job and Became a Blogger

It was advice that was well-meaning, and probably pretty wise on some levels—I mean, who had ever heard of a full-time blogger back in 2003? By Darren Rowse