Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to Add a Feedback Tab for Your Blogger Blog with Get Satisfaction

Do you enjoy blogging? Do you love your blog? If you believe in what you are good at, then blogging is another activity you have been enjoying. If you are an individual blogger, mostly your blog structure, design and content depends on your preferences.

How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger

You may already using some analytics services to track your visitors or see statistics of your blog. Also Google Analytics is a popular web analytics service which provide you data about your site traffic and help you to find out marketing effectiveness.

Get Your Blog On: Get Your Nonprofit’s Blog Featured

Nonprofits are diving into Twitter and Facebook, and learning to share great content. What anchors your nonprofit content should be your blog- a place for your nonprofit to have a voice, to share what is going on in your organization, to bring to life the struggles, goals, and triumphs along your nonprofit’s journey. By Givezooks!

Page keyword optimization

Foundation for getting organic search traffic. By A-List Blog Marketing

Give Your Blog a Complete Makeover

18 Action Steps to a path of Blogging Success. By Marya

Successful Corporate Blogs: Are You Really Writing For YOUR Audience?

Remember the old saying, “If you throw enough mud at the wall some of it will stick”? 

The Juicer: Ideas for your Blog

Blogs are a great way to connect with your donors and supporters and give people insight into the work that you do. Blogs can also help your Facebook get traction. According to John Haydon, “the more content you produce, the more people share it on Facebook.” By Givezooks!

People do Not Follow Blogs; They Follow Other People

So far on your blog, you might have done everything right, everything that you were advised to do. But why is that you are still not getting results with your blog? Crazy fans are not following you, readers are not hanging on to every word and your comments section looks barren? By Marya

Telltale signs of Blogger’s Burnout and how to deal with it

Are you spending every waking moment planning for your blog? Do you spend hours and hours searching other high ranked blogs related to your niche, reading blog after blog to find inspiration and ideas, checking traffic of your blog or sometimes just starring at your laptop’s blank screen and finally going to bed exhausted? By Blog Godown

5 basic tips to get more traffic to your blog

Increase blog traffic 5 Basic Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

This post will guide you through all the basic techniques that will help you increase traffic to your blog. If you want more traffic to your blog or you are new in blogosphere, this post will help you to start with building authority and get traffic for your blog. By Vast9

One Tool that Really Sharpens Your Writer’s – or Blogger’s – Voice

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a writer in possession of a good idea must be in want of a voice. By Marya

Lessons from the ProBlogger Event

Looking for a clever way to start this post. Failing miserably at this stage. Better move on with the post itself before anything I write here becomes extremely redundant. No time to be fancy. By Marya

Tools of Marketing: 15 Must-Have’s for Your Blog Marketing Toolbox

Pretty good list to hang on to. By A-List Blog Marketing

5 Basic Blogging Tips To Help You Make A Career In Blogging

Career? Do we even need one? Well, yes you do. There is a life which needs you to earn and make a living out of something. Although blogging is a great resource to share your mind and knowledge with everyone, there is also a great opportunity to make a good sound career out of it. By Technogati

3 Reasons You’re Scared To Link To Fellow Bloggers

Did the headline hook you? In case it did, you’re probably one of those guys this post is about. I really hope that by the end of it you’ll change your opinion. By Blogger Jet

How I got 6K visits in my 2nd month of blogging!

Good article on obtaining traffic to your blog. By Blogger Jet

7 Signs That Your Blog Is Falling From

Whether you are new to blogging, or have been at it for years, it is almost certain that your blog is not performing the way it possibly could. By Blogger Jet

8 More Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers

image of number eight typewriter key

Do you ever feel as if your blog has plateaued? Like you’ve hit some kind of blogging hump you just can’t get over? By Copyblogger

Taking Your Blog Mobile: A Basic Guide

Has your blog gone mobile yet? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but ever since smartphones were introduced, mobile web browsing has exploded. More and more people are visiting your site on their phones, and you may not be prepared to satisfy them with a great experience. By Blogussion

Blogging Manners

Post image for Blogging Manners

Manners are not only important in everyday physical life but increasingly important with your online interactions as well. By Blogussion

Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Develop a Blog Business Plan

Having a blog business plan in place is important for turning your blog into a business. Okay, if you have a blog going and never developed a blog business plan, don’t fret, you can always develop a plan now for going forward. By DailyBlogTips

Get Started with Web Video and Video Blogging … For free

Video is increasingly important for bloggers and only likely to get MORE so, for: -Traffic generation -Community and relationship building -Teaching and demonstration -Social sharing -Monetization By Chrisg.com

Blog Checklist - 13 Things to Review Before You Hit Publish

Do you ever hit the "publish" button for your new post then cringe because you see a mistake or missing word, or realize your forgot to add an image? By Denise Wakeman

The Top 10 Reasons Why Authors Should Blog


If you are an author, then you should have a blog. Yes, this is more work for you because it does require even more writing, more time, and another project to manage. The benefits, however, are invaluable. By Denise Wakeman

Blogging Turns Social Networking into Business Networking

While millions of people are doing business every day on social networking sites, some business owners are reluctant to spend much time there because they don't think it's a valid business activity. By Denise Wakeman

BlogWorld LA: Optimize & Socialize For Better Business Blogging

optimize socialize

Optimize and Socialize for Better Business Blogging by Lee Odden

The Picasso Guide to Becoming a Social Media Legend

image of pablo picasso

During his career he was loved, hated, admired, dissed, fought over … but never ignored. His name? Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y … Picasso. By Copyblogger

How to Write a Blog Post Like a Troublemaker with a Heart of Gold

In a world overflowing with bloggers, there’s the type of troublemaker you love and the type of troublemaker you hate. By ProBlogger

Make Your Blog the Event of the Year (and have People Clamor to Attend)

Great ideas to promote your blog. By ProBlogger

My 3-Step System for Finding Guest Post Opportunities

Tired of haphazardly, randomly struggling to find guest blogging opportunities? Or finding yourself stressed to the max because you’re unable to locate your next guest-post goal for the month? You’re not alone. Most bloggers don’t know where or how to search properly, and if they’re trying to search at all, generally end up with dead-end leads. By ProBlogger

How to Use Blogging as a Job Search Tool

Job seeker

Blogging is not just writing your personal notebook these days: it’s a truly open platform where people share their ideas, passion, goals, and thoughts on subjects they care about. Gone are the days when people would consider blogs “a personal affair.” The scene has long since changed. By ProBlogger