Tuesday, April 28, 2009

America's Newest Profession: Bloggers for Hire

In America today, there are almost as many people making their living as bloggers as there are lawyers. Already more Americans are making their primary income from posting their opinions than Americans working as computer programmers or firefighters.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Generic blogging

The pros and cons of generic blogging and niche blogging.

Essentials of Breakthrough Content Marketing

Your business needs help, fast. Your site isn’t getting the traffic you need. You aren’t converting that traffic to sales. The tactics you used to rely on aren’t working. And the lousy economy means you won’t be able to even give up in disgust and just keep (or go get) a day job.

Ever run out of things to write about on your blog?

If your answer is yes - you’re not alone.

One of the biggest challenges facing bloggers with blogs that have been around for longer than a few months is to come up with fresh content on a regular basis.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blogger simplifies posting via SMS and e-mail

Last month Google released a less complicated way of linking up your phone with one or more of your Blogger blogs as part of its Blogger in Draft program. It put the settings to post to a specific blog through your phone or e-mail next to each blog's title inside of the dashboard using small and simple icons. And as of today the change is now live to everyone.

Read the article here at CNET.

What Type of Blogger Are You?

Maybe “What type of blogger are you?” is the wrong question. Maybe it should be “What type of blogger have you been lately?”

Set up ‘Alerts’ for your blog

Methods by which to set up alerts for your blog.

Leverage Twitter to Promote your Blog

Some thoughts by which to use Twitter to promote your blog site.

You Have to Connect WIth Your Readers to Keep Them

When looking at blogs and the “traffic” you get to your blogs, we should break that traffic down into two distinct categories:
  • Visitors
  • Readers

How To Add 'Twwet This" links to your Blogger Template

Twitter has become one of the most popular ever syndication and networking tools for bloggers. Here's a way to add a "Tweet This" link to our Blogger templates, and a method of automatically shortening the URL of our blog posts.

The Right Way To Use StumbleUpon For Blog Promotion-Part One


Tips on using StumbleUpon to promote your blog post. This series is broken down in two parts. The first part is the StumbleUpon basics, and the second part, is about the blog promotion part.

Follow BloggingTips on Twitter

Great information for by following BloggingTips.com.

Student Blogging

How do you do what you do?

12 Reasons To Own Your Blog

Social MEdia

With the explosion of social networking and free blog sites, it is easier than ever to create your own blogs with just a few clicks of the mouse. The questions that don’t get asked are, do I own the content I create?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

5 ways gadget blogs fail readers

Mike Elgan offers his opinion on five ways gadget blogs fail readers.

Goldman Sachs hires law firm to shut blogger's site

Goldman Sachs is attempting to shut down a dissident blogger who is extremely critical of the investment bank, its board members and its practices.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tips For Better Business Blogging

My Blog Ate My Career

I'm perfectly qualified for a job -- just don't look me up online.

Blogger becomes casualty of Iran cyber-wars

The first line of his first blog from Tehran in September 2006 asks: "What is freedom?"

Blog As An Online Reputation Management Tool

Most people who blog are blogging for either two reasons: making money from the blog or just passionate enough to blog (even without getting compensated).

online reputation management

What does it mean to really connect with your readers?

Many people in the blogosphere nowadays fail to really connect with their readers. Sure, you reply to comments on your blog and you respond to emails. But is that all there is to really creating a steady user base? And on that note, recurring readers/visitors?

5 Funny Things Bloggers Do To Make Their Blog Look More “Official”

5 Pet Peeves of BloggingHere are 5 things other bloggers do on their blogs to make ourselves look more trustworthy to our readers.

Keep Your Blog Rockin’ While You’re Away

Here are some suggestions for keeping your blog going strong even if you're gone on vacation.

3 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching a Corporate Blog

Ask yourself these 3 essential questions before taking the step and launching a new corporate blog.

How To Make A Sticky Blog

Sticky blog? I am sure you pretty much know what a sticky blog is, but just in case you are not entirely sure, let’s take a moment to describe one.

Blop Tip

Bloggin Tips and Tricks

Some tips on creating a blog maintenance start page with Netvibes.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ways To Create Blog Posts

Here's an article showing many different ways and weblog clients to create blog posts more effectively.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Does Any Blogger Have More Energy than Joe Romm?

For sheer volume, dedication, facts at his fingertips, and hackle-raising headlines, none can compare with Joe Romm. Read the story here.

30 Fresh and Promising Design Blogs to Follow

This article presents 30 new and fresh design blogs that are worth checking out. Weblogs featured here discuss web, graphic, and print design.

Why Variety is Wrong (and Right) About Film Blogs

Variety covers what they see as wrong and right about blogs covering films.

'First' Major Label Blog Launches... in 2009

Seven years after the first MP3 blog (Fluxblog) arrived on the scene, EMI Australia has unveiled what it's calling "the first major label blog" in the world.Seven years after the first MP3 blog (Fluxblog) arrived on the scene, EMI Australia has unveiled what it's calling "the first major label blog" in the world.