Friday, April 16, 2010

7 Steps to Build A Better Blog

Building a better blog is not that easy, it requires dedication and sometimes it requires parting with your money. Why build a better blog you ask? By Onibalusi Bamidele

BloggingPro Launches Job Board: Free Blogger Job Listings

BloggingPro recently announced the launch of a new and free job board for bloggers. By Franky Branckaute helps bloggers grow their traffic and popularity


SeededBuzz is a site that promises to help bloggers promote themselves. By Paul Short

Knowing your readers

Everyone knows that writing for the reader is the most important aspect of good blogging. By Patti Stafford

Flogging: A Secret Blog Marketing Insight

For using a blog as a marketing tool, one tip or insight is to consider a flogger -- a ghost writer who writes on behalf of your company and in line with your marketing goals. By Rhona Bronson

Marketing Insights on How to Promote a Blog

People are always looking for ways to promote their blogs. However, it depends on what you wan to do. Rhona Bronson

How blogging and dropshipping go hand in hand

What is dropshipping and how does it fit in with blogging? By Nate Moller

Don’t Wait to be Perfect in Blogging

We all want to be perfect. We want to look perfect while going to any party, we want to be perfect while playing video games, and we want to be perfect if we are cooking something. Same rule applies to blogging.

Blogger Interview: Cori Padgett of Big Girl Branding

Post image for Blogger Interview: Cori Padgett of Big Girl Branding

BGB is supposed to be a sort of marketing and branding resource that readers can visit often and always find relevant and useful information regarding small business start-ups, marketing, branding, and all that other fun stuff that relates. By Blogging Teacher

How To Set Your Blog On Fire

Kiesha Easley shares tips on how to instill excitement to your blog.

What are the best methods for marketing blog articles?

There’s this thing called marketing, and when you actually do it, your articles tend to get read by more people. Now, “more people” can mean one or two people, or it can mean thousands of people. It’s all about how you market your blog post that gets it read. By Blogussion

How To Remain Broke As A Blogger – Guaranteed!

A lot of bloggers have a big problem. This problem plagues them despite all efforts to monetize their own blogs.

That problem is… A crappy attitude about marketing. By David Risley

Keep your Eyes out for Blog Marketing Scams

So you want to quit your job and get out of the rat race. Working for someone else is not always what it is cracked up to be, and you need a major change.

The beauty of blogs

Pamela Ferdinand shares her thoughts on the benefits of blogging.

Where to Find Writers for Your Blog

One of the best ways to scale your problogging business is to hire competent writers. With other writers on your blog, you’ll be able to generate more traffic and revenue. By Dee Barizo

Top tools for the nomadic blogger

One of the great things about being a blogger is that you can do your job from anywhere in the world. By Sharon Hurley Hall

The 7 Levels of Revenue for your Blog in 2010


Tips on generating revenue on your blog.

Top 5 Search Terms at Online Marketing Blog – Including Pirates

Here are the six most popular site search terms for Online Marketing Blog. By Michelle Bowles

Top Ten Ways to Draw Readers To Your Blog

One of the most fun things about blogging is drawing readers to your site and creating a sense of community on your blog. There’s no secret formula to this. By Jane Boursaw

Social Media Success Summit 2010

Social Media Success Summit is a HUGE online conference dedicated to help businesses succeed with social media marketing. More than 1,000 folks have already signed up!

Are you backing up your blog and other social sites? Here's how...

How would you feel and what would you do if you lost all your blog posts? Of if all the content you posted on Facebook disappeared because your account was hacked? By Denise Wakeman

Three Lively Blogging Debates to Explore in 2010

image of three guys wrestling

Sometimes it seems like we’re running out of juicy debates in the blogosphere. By James Chartrand

9 Things Bloggers Can (and Can’t) Learn from the Army

Military blogging–milblogging as its known–is a growing, thriving niche. By Darren Rowse

Monday, April 12, 2010

6 reasons why you should avoid automated blogging tools

Marko Saric discusses 6 reasons to think twice before using automated blogging tools.

The Power of Social Networks in Promoting Your Blog

Of all the things you have to learn when building your blog machine, the most intimidating are the set of inhuman acts you’re expected to go through to promote it. By Admin

Tips From A First Time Podcaster

Bryan Curry shares his techniques on starting a podcast.

Here’s What You Should Do to Improve Your Blog Today

What is one thing that you can do tomorrow morning when you sit down at your desk that will improve your blog? By Darren Rowse

Tips for promoting new blogs

Thousands of new blogs are started by companies and individuals each day. Yet getting a blog set-up, optimized, and launched are just the first steps. By Thomas McMahon

Adobe, Apple square off over Flash software

Adobe employee Lee Brimelow, blasts Apple on his blog.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

10 SEO Tools Every Blogger Must Use

Every blogger wishes to find his blog coming at the top rankings in various search engines when keywords related to that are entered. However, this cannot be achieved without doing anything.