Sunday, June 27, 2010

Marketing the “You Know What Out” of Your Blog, Part 3

One of the best ways to mar­ket your blog and attract heaps of vis­i­tors is through social media. By Big Girl Branding

Marketing the “You Know What” Out of Your Blog, Part 2

How to use guest post­ing and blog com­ment­ing effec­tively to mar­ket the “you know what” out of your blog. By Big Girl Branding

Marketing the “You Know What” Out of Your Blog, Part 1

Mar­ket­ing a blog is pretty much like mar­ket­ing any­thing else. It requires time and com­mit­ment. It also requires patience and con­sis­tency, and a will­ing­ness to use a bit of elbow grease. By Big Girl Branding

Six Apart Goes Green

Six Apart (the company behind Typepad, Movabletype, and Vox) has dipped its toe in the green movement by purchasing an environmentally conscious network by the name of NaturalPath Media. By The Blog Herald

Blogger’s Template Designer Goes Public

After releasing the template designer upon Blogger in Draft (which is Blogger’s eternal beta site), Google has decided to drop the beta for BlogSpot’s theme feature and release the tool for the masses to try out. By The Blog Herald

LiveJournal Joins WordPress, Copies Tumblr

It looks like “Tumblr envy” is spreading throughout the blogosphere as LiveJournal has joined WordPress (not to mention Typepad as well) in copying a feature that has set apart Tumblr from the rest of its rivals. By The Blog Herald

Significantly Speed Up Your WordPress Blog in 9 Easy Steps

Improve WordPress Speed

Your blog’s loading speed affects more Improve WordPress Speedthan just user experience but is now a factor used by google to determine an overall ranking for your site. By Robyn-Dale Samuda

Why Guest Blogging is Useless for Link Building

I used to be highly advocative of guest blogging as an effective link building strategy. I used to tell people that this way they could get a quality link back from a high-authority website for free. I used to say, these links (coming from high-quality content) are well-deserved and thus can’t be frowned upon by Google. By Ann Smarty

Tumblr Embraces Twitter On iPhone (Adds Extra Features)

After updating their iPhone app in order to be compatible with iOS 4, it looks as if Tumblr has added an extra feature that will please tweetaholics. By The Blog Herald

Tips on Promoting Your Blog

All right, so your blog is up and running and you have content on it. Now how do you bring people in to look at your blog? Here are a few suggestions, mostly taken from, “The Guide To Promoting Your Web Page”. By Blog Tutorials

5 Reasons Why You Should Respond to Every Comment

If you enable comments on your blog (which I’m sure most of you do), then you obviously want your readers to interact by leaving comments after your post. Then why, I ask, does it usually end up being a one-sided conversation? By Pat Flynn

How to use Google's font api with Blogger

Here's an overview of the Google Font API and how you can use this to enhance our Blogger-based designs.

What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?

The everlasting battle between a blog and website to have the crown as the best way in advertising services by a company in the web is rarely ending. By Jeff Dedrick

The art of reading to become an amazing blogger

Reading amazing blogger

If you were born on a desert island, raised by a pack of wolves, would you make a good blogger? By Bamboo Forest

7 tips that will make your blog stand out

Make Your Blog Stand Out

Great blogs stand out because they have unique brands behind them! By Mars Dorian

The Top 12 Success Killers In Blogging (with Solutions!)

Here are the top 12 success killers in blogging. If you do not get these items in check, you might as well pack up the laptop now and give up. By Robb Sutton

How to Get to the Next Level (for Bloggers Who Didn’t Know There Was a Next Level)

Post image for How to Get to the Next Level (for Bloggers Who Didn’t Know There Was a Next Level)

Some very good suggestions to take your blog to the next level.

Benefits of Blogging – Building a Community

What could be better than gaining a worldwide audience with blogging? Taking that audience and creating a community. By Kristi Hines

Mobile Blogging – How to Make Your WordPress Blog Smartphone Ready

Kikolani Homepage using WPtouch iPhone Theme

Here's an article covering HTC Droid Eris, about comparing two different plugins to make your WordPress sites more mobile friendly – WordPress Mobile Pack and WPtouch iPhone Theme. Both get the job done effectively – it is just a matter of whether you are looking for something simple or something with a lot of features. By Kristi Hines

5 Tactics Bloggers Should Borrow from Traditional PR

Bloggers have been hailed as “citizen journalists” and powerful influencers for years. But bloggers have another, less frequently discussed role – they’re also citizen PR experts. My Mickie Kennedy

How to: Build a more beautiful blog

Whether you’re blogging for business or pleasure, now is the time to take your little corner of the web to the next level. By Matt Silverman

How to: Create a Successful Company Blog

blog wordle image

Blogging in your business is vital to creating a public personae and making your company more accessible. In an era where companies like Zappos have differentiated themselves based on service, it is important to be public and accessible. By Mark Suster

WordPress 3.0 Has Arrived

How To Harness The Power Within Your Readers’ Blog Comments

For many bloggers, a comment is a very valuable thing, especially for new bloggers who are looking for confirmation that their voices are being heard and visitors are actually engaging their new blog. By Robyn-Dale Samuda

Blogging Tips Archives and Link Love

Here are some great blogging tips by Patti Stafford.

12 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts more Credible

Today’s educated readers want information from a credible, trusted source, says researcher and writer Michael Low. When you convince them you are that source, they will believe and read what you have to say. By Darren Rowse

5 Blogging Myths That Are Killing Your Blog

As with all myths, there is always a little bit of truth behind them. That is exactly why myths spread and survive, even if they aren’t true. By John Chow

How to Post a YouTube Video to Your Blog

Video Blogging Tips - Zac Johnson Asks Me How I Make Money With Video Blogging

Have Laser Focus and Be a Less Distracted Blogger

Friday, June 18, 2010

Use Share Options to Boost Your Blog Traffic and Visibility

Platforms have evolved enormously and with the introduction of social networking and sharing it's easier than ever for your readers to share your content with their friends and followers. So, you MUST have multiple ways for your content to be shared. By Denise Wakeman

Top 10 Tips to Sell Your Website or Blog on Flippa

If you are planning to buy or sell a website, you probably already heard about Flippa. It is the largest online marketplace for websites. Most people who list a website for sale there, however, end up selling it for peanuts (e.g., $100), or not selling at all. By Daniel Scocco

The Power of Blogs & Social Media in B2B Marketing

That’s what Forrester Research predicts for US B2B Social Media Marketing spending by 2014. By Lee Odden

8 Habits of Highly Excellent Bloggers

Ever wondered what are the traits of the top, successful and excellent bloggers? By Celestine Chua