Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Did We Learn About Blogging in 2009?

Technorati, the chronicler of all things blog, has been measuring, categorizing, and tracking blogs for some time now. Their success and demise has been declared and predicted by blogosphere insiders just about every year since the site came online. By Jack Humphrey

Bloggers Crash Fashion’s Front Row

Not everyone thought it was adorable in September when a 13-year-old wunderkind blogger named Tavi was given a front-row seat at the fashion shows of Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and others. By Eric Wilson

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blog Keywords: How They Can Help You

Creating a blog with great content is only half the battle. Without readers, a blog just lingers, and you put too much time and effort into your blog to let it linger. What good is our subject matter if nobody reads it?


SEO Your Blog with Keywords

Bloggers can increase their blog traffic if they use keywords and phrases strategically, taking advantage of blog seo (search engine optimization) techniques. By Peg Corwin

Apples and blog keywords

TechCrunch counterpunch: Blogger sues Fusion Garage

In an increasingly bizarre Internet catfight, TechCrunch blogger Michael Arrington unloaded on Fusion Garage and its investors, and even had a few choice words for the media. By Alex Phan

Step Away From The Computer: A Blogger’s How To, Part 2 of 2

There’s an old joke about personal development – maybe you’ve heard it. “How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?” By Patricia Mayo

Free Blogger skins

Free to download Blogger XML templates.

Blogger Widgets

Great site that provides templates, widgets, tutorials and more for your blog.

Widgets For Free

Everything a blog needs.

How to Change the Favicon in Blogger

Blogger supplies every blog with the standard orange "B" blogger favicon. Having your own unique favicon is a great way to give your blogger template both a distinct and explicit brand.

Monday, December 21, 2009

What the US Media Shield Bill Means for Bloggers & Citizen Journalists

The Free Flow of Information Act of 2009 (also known as the Media Shield Bill) recently passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, meaning that the bill has been placed on the official calendar of business and could be considered and voted upon by the entire Senate soon. By Sarah Evans

WordPress Makes Blogging On The Fly Easier

A blogging platform and a microblogging platform have become more symbiotic. WordPress has enabled posting and reading the blogs the platform powers via the Twitter API. By Leena Rao

Do You Want Some Word-Of-Mouth Blog Marketing?

Any marketer will tell you that word-of-mouth marketing is the best kind of marketing you can ask for. By Karl Foxley

The BE Community

The Importance of Writing Great Blog Content

Becoming good at writing requires practice, effort and skill. Great writers are focused more on the substance of their work rather than spelling, grammar or citations. Those elements of writing are not forgotten, but great blog writers know substance matters most. By Blogussion

Writing Great Content

10 ways to find post inspiration without even leaving your blog

Finding inspiration for blog posts can be a tedious task. By Blogussion

The Best Time to Post or Update your Blog

Many pro-bloggers actually pick a particular time to post their new content. Why?

4 Bloggers Doing It Right

Here are four bloggers who are good at what they do, and each provides examples of right things to do as a blogger. By David Risley

Blogging in 2010 [Free Report]

Is 2010 going to rock or is it going to suck for bloggers? By David Risley

10 elements of style of blog post writing

The Elements of Style by Strunk and White is recognized as the best book on writing. Stephen King raves about it in his On Writing as a book for anyone who wants to write for a living. This certainly includes bloggers.

Elements of style blogging tips

How to optimize your blog for mobile devices

According to Comscore, the number of people accessing the web through their mobile phones has doubled over the last year to 22 million every day. Social networking sites and blogging are the most popular sites people are visiting on their hand held device.

Free PDF eBook: Corporate Blogging Guide by Blogsessive

Alex Cristache has written a great blogging guide that you can download.

Corporate Blogging Guide Cover

Google provides a new way to socialize your blog’s feed

Now you can take advantage of Google’s new Socialize feature to tweet your new blog post from Feedburner.

Tutorial: How To Merge 2 WordPress Blogs

In this tutorial, Franky Branckaute, covers how to merge two WordPress blogs.

Improve Your Blog’s Brand by Creating New Jargon


You don’t necessarily have to create something completely new. You can take jargon from other niches and apply them to your niche. By Dee Barizo

Behind the Scenes of the Blogging Process

Blogging can be very time consuming, between the research, writing, editing, formatting and re-syndicating. But it’s all part of your job as a blogger. By Kristen Nicole

Building a company blog presence

Here's a presentation by Tom Swift on building a company blog.

View more presentations from Tom Swift.

How to Brainstorm Brilliant Ideas for Your Blog

image of many lightbulbs

Brainstorming is one of the most powerful creative techniques ever devised. When used properly, it can produce more and better ideas than any other process. By Dean Reick

Rookie Lessons for New Bloggers

Katie Kimbal share her thoughts about knowing how it feels to know absolutely nothing, but that’s actually a good place to be.

Blogs and Search Engine Optimization

Your favorite thing about having a blog may soon be this - they naturally attract search engine traffic. By Wendy Boswell

Monday, December 14, 2009

4 Tactics To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Do you want more traffic to your blog?

Well, why wait? Don’t let grass grow under your feet. Here are some tips from David Risley.

MacGyver Guide to blogging

If MacGyver has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t need big expensive tools to get the job done. The same goes for blogging.

5 Essential Blogging Tips from the Father of Chinese Philosophy

image of Chinese calligraphy

Confucius, the father of Confucianism, died more than 2500 years ago, but his teachings are still relevant — not least when it comes to blogging. By Michael Aagaard

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

30 Top Blogs For Social Media Updates

Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. By Anders Ross

instantShift - Real Time Web Startups

Friday, November 27, 2009

10 Ways Twitter Will Change Blog Design in 2009

In 2009, Twitter will become much more tightly integrated with the rest of the blog in a variety of ways – watch out for tweetbacks and tweetstats to make their debut, and tweet comments to TwitterRolls to start appearing on blogs. Here are 10 ways Twitter will impact blogs this year. By Rachel Cunliffe

10 Popular Advertising Blogs

Here's a top 10 list of advertising blogs.

Best Business Blogs 2009

Looking for the best business blogs on the web for 2009? It's not easy to find them. There are thousands of blogs, but only a few are really worth your attention.

Best Business Blog

Nominate your choice for Best Business Blog. This category encompasses blogs that frequently cover such things as economics, marketing, business strategy, consulting, etc. By The 2009 Weblog Awards

30 Techniques To Create An Effective Blog


These days everyone is creating a blog, from celebrities to the boy next door. But most of these blogs are abandoned in a month or two. Do you know why? By Ajinder

Mena Trott on blogs

The founding mother of the blog revolution, Movable Type's Mena Trott, talks about the early days of blogging, when she realized that giving regular people the power to share our lives online is the key to building a friendlier, more connected world.

Blogging Tips From an Expert Blogger - Social Media/Web 2.0

Blogging Tips from an Expert. What makes some blogs better than others? How important are subscribers, Google PageRank, and Technorati score? What can you do to make your blog stand out? Jim Kukral and Paul Richlovsky of http://www.fathomseo.com/blog/ discuss some blogging tips for what really makes a good blog in the age of social media/Web 2.0.

Anatomy of a Blog Post Well Received

Marshall Kirkpatrick explains how a post got bookmarked so much in one random day.

The Anatomy of a Blog

When you hear the word “blog”, what comes to mind? Is it still an online diary written by angst filled teenagers? Or is it something a little more composed? By Zach Dunn

Blog traffic – From 0 to 200.000 visitors, 8 blogging lessons learned

Marko Saric shares some of the things he's learned from the first year, and what he would recommend bloggers to think of when launching a new project and building blog traffic.

My Build A Better Blog presentation at London Bloggers Meetup video

Here's the slideshow of the presentation:

How to boost your blog traffic using trackbacks

Daan Whenigetrich shares his thoughts on how to increase blog traffic using trackbacks.

How trackbacks works

Definition of trackback

7 Top Content Tips for Bloggers – Part 7: Revisits & Updates

Never consider a blog post finished: no blog post should ever be considered the final word on the topic. By Roger C. Parker

Take a 24-minute, narrated, video tour of Published & Profitables writing resources and tools.jpg

100 Edublogs Themes Review To Make Choosing Your Next Theme Easier

Sue Waters provides updated information regarding Edublog themes. She covers layout, color scheme, taglines and more.

Linking Out Will NOT Reduce The Google PageRank of Your Pages

It is a Google’s world, and as webmasters we live and die by our search rankings, right? One of the factors that both influences search rankings and that most people seem to care about is the Google PageRank. More specifically, we want as much PageRank as possible! By Daniel Scocco

google pagerank leak

11 Business Blogging Books - Recommended Reading

Denise Wakeman provides a list of 11 business blogging books.

The blogging brain

Blogging stimulates the brain as you make public ideas that rouse “aha’s.” Shaping and sharing ideas with a wider community provides incentive, especially as you’re rewarded by readers’ comments. Another bonus comes as surprises unwrap themselves as you read and learn from others’ blogs. By Liz Strauss

Top 50 blogs by PC.com

Here's a list of 50 top blogs by PC.com

Tracking Stats on Your Blog Part I

For a lot of you new to blogging, perhaps you’ve heard of tracking statistics, perhaps you’re teaching yourself how to monitor your site, but suffice to say, it’s a clear cut benefit if you plan to make money on your site. By Luis Sandoval

Pixazza is Like Google AdSense for Blog Images

Founded in 2008, Pixazza, Inc. provides an internet service that turns static images into engaging content, while generating incremental income for web publishers.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

How Do You Know When to Stop Writing a Blog Post?

So when is it time to stop your blog?

Analyzing the State of the Blogosphere 2009

The 2009 State of the Blogosphere was published at Technorati in 5 parts (+ an introduction) between October 19th and 23th. The study is the most comprehensive study of the current trends and demographics among the bloggers and because of this, it gives us a great opportunity to learn more about blogging. By Zemalf

SotB 2009: How Long Have Bloggers on the Survey Been Blogging?

How To Get a New Blog Indexed By Google In Less Than 6 Hours

Getting indexed by Google doesn’t guarantee anything for your website, but if you’ve done your homework and found great keywords the search engine traffic will come eventually, and here’s a guide to get your site indexed by Google fast – really fast. By Zemalf

A blogging case study

Covering a big event in My Niche. By Dee Barizo


10 Things You Must Do Before A New Site Or Blog Launch

Launching a new website can be an intense experience. Preparing yourself for the launch and making sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row will ensure that your launch is successful. By Mike Smith

Business Blogging Tip - Niche Your Blogs

Denise Wakeman talks about multiple subjects on one blog.

7 Blog Copywriting Ideas for Creating Original Content

With literally hundreds of millions of blogs in the vast blogosphere, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to develop a unique brand for your blog by writing posts that are unique, creative and entertaining. The next time you find yourself in a rut, try these 7 blog copywriting ideas for creating fresh and interesting content. By Michelle Bowles

How To Run Subscriber-Only Competitions on Your Blog

David Cleland offers tips on stage subscriber-only competions off your blog.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tavi Gevinson: the 13-year-old blogger with the fashion world at her feet

Teenager Tavi Gevinson was the true star of New York Fashion Week. By Eva Wiseman

Yohji Yamamoto poses with blogger Tavi Gevinson

Husband of Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez attacked

The husband of Cuban dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez said he was attacked by government supporters as he waited on Friday to confront state security agents accused of detaining and beating his wife two weeks ago. By Reuters

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Best Offline Blog Editors for Mac and PC Users

Do you use an offline blog editor to update your blog such as Windows Live Writer or BlogDesk? By Susan Gunelius

7 Steps to Blog Post Perfection

Here are some suggestions on gather ideas for posting your blog entries. By Charles

Tips For Measuring Post Success: Part 1 Bookmarking

Analyzing blog metrics can give one a headache! But as a blogger it’s important to know ‘Is the content you’re providing is fulfilling your readers needs?” By Sue Waters

Visibility via Video: How to Extend Your Reach Online

Some tips on how to make the best use of video on your blog. By Denise Wakeman

How to Write a Blog Post That’s Stickier than Velcro

Do you have a really good idea which you want to go viral? By Darren Rowse

Judge Refuses to Punish Lawyer for Anti-RIAA Blogging

An attorney defending against a music-piracy lawsuit didn’t cross ethical bounds by filing motions broadly attacking the recording industry and posting them on his blog, a magistrate judge has ruled, rejecting demands from the RIAA for monetary sanctions. By David Kravets

Friday, October 23, 2009

20 Reasons Why You Should Blog Before You Twitter

At first glance this makes a lot of sense as Twitter is easier and quicker and staff and management can be tweeting within a very short time frame. By Jeff Bullas

Blogging oct 22

Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Prioritize and Manage Multiple Blogs and Websites

Most internet marketing gurus preach only two important things for your website to be successful – Great content and great promotion. All other things that you do to a website are merely complementary to either of these two jobs. By Blogsessive

How to Get Traffic by Blogging about Future Events in Your Niche


Want to get a spike in your traffic? By Dee Barizo

Blogging More Efficiently by Doing What Works

Often meet bloggers that think that blogging is about doing certain things. They’ve read a couple blogs about blogging and find out that there are many different blogging activities they can do. By Dee Barizo

How I Use Social Media to Promote My Blogs

Building on work from ChrisBrogan.com this post shares how I promote my blogs using social media and other websites

Books-how to expand your blog

This video introduces the idea of expanding a blog by adding a book to it - something more and more bloggers are moving towards with their blogs.

Social SEO & Channels of Distribution

blog marketing
The image above to illustrates how a blog can be the centerpiece to a social SEO effort where objectives are focused on raising brand awareness and improving customer relationships in a way that is beneficial to search engine visibility. By Lee Odden

10 lesser know Wordpress features

Whether you are new to WordPress, or have been using it a long time, there are always features that are available in the software that people either forget about or don’t know exist.By Bloggerdesign

Don’t Let Your Blog Readers Touch that Remote

You remember the last time you channel surfed? We all do it when there’s nothing good on TV — nothing that holds our attention. By Melissa Karnaze


Apture provides the first rich communication platform that allows people to intuitively experience the web.

The Recessionista Blog Finalist in 6th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business

The Recessionista Blog - http://therecessionista.blogspot.com -a guide to
surviving the economic downturn in style, today announced that it has been named
as a finalist in the Blog of the Year category for the 6th annual Stevie® Awards
for Women in Business. Reuters

Blogger Goes Lijit With Search

Search specialists have unveiled a new tool: Blog and Social Content Search Gadget for Blogger. By Andrew G.R.

4 Easy Ways To Increase Readership On Your Blog

As a blogger, one of the most frustrating things you can experience when checking on your Analytics stats is to realize that your bounce rate is sky high. By Igorkheifets

Support Social Good on Your Blog

Ford has generously offered to make a donation to Mashable’s Summer of Social Good Charity Fund. 50 of their Ford Fiesta Movement Agents will be donating $2 per retweet for this post up to 3,000 retweets. By Barb Dybwad

25 Great Blogger Widgets

Many people think that Blogger lacks in all of the extra goodies you can add to other platforms like WordPress, but it simply isn’t true. By Sean P. Aune

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blog Design: Making the most out of your footer space

The footer (the very end of your blog) is a very important place of information on your blog. Your footer can hold a variety of information, such as copyrights, links, ads, and a lot of other stuff. The footer is also important SEO wise for a lot of reasons. By Alex Fraiser


5 Ways you are Unknowingly Harming Your Posts

It’s common that once you start reading around the blogosphere, you will find trends that others have been partaking in on their blogs and you may want to get in on it. You learn things people are doing to make their blog better, and more “error free” if you will. By Alex Fraiser

Google Analytics Reveals the Importance of Branding and Content

Great article on how building good branding and content will help your blog. By Seth Waite

7 Lucky SEO Tools for Your Blog

Most traffic for highly successful blogs comes from search engines like Google or Bing. Search engine visitors are more likely to buy products, click on advertisements, and sign up to newsletters. The question is then, how do bloggers get search engine traffic? By Seth WaiteSEO Tools

5 Easy Blog Improvements in under 5 Minutes

Your blog is not perfect. There are many things you can do to improve your blog, and after reading this post – you will be glad you made some of these changes. By Alex Fraiser
5 Easy Blog Improvements in under 5 Minutes

Unique Blog Isn’t As Hard As You Think

The most important part of every conversation about the blog always revolves around the question, “How can we continue to provide useful resources for our readers?” By Seth Waite

50 Surprisingly Amazing Themes for Blogger

Blogger may not be the first blogging platform you would choose, it does have a reputation of being lacklustre, featureless and the bog standard skins have the look of a site that was designed five years ago. By Speckyboy

Blogger Themes and Templates

Sunday, October 04, 2009

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to create a modern, clean and classy blog layout in Adobe Photoshop using some basic techniques, by Jean-Baptiste JungCreate a modern blog layout in Adobe Photoshop

How to Display Your Content on a Blog’s Front Page

The front page of a blog is obviously of great importance to the overall design.

Up until a few years ago, most blogs simply showed posts in order of publication, the most recent at the top. By Steven Snell

How to Make an Impressive Blog Layout in Photoshop

In this easy to follow web design tutorial, you will learn how to construct a beautiful, sleek, and professional-level weblog design using Adobe Photoshop that you can later use for your very own blog theme. By Matthew Heidenreich

How to Make an Impressive Blog Layout in Photoshop

Dazed Raw Blg Awards

From each category of Fashion, Music, Art and Photography, fifteen blogs were shortlisted by Dazed and G-Star and then put to public vote.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

63 Popular And Promising Web Design Blogs

It’s difficult to create something exceptional when you are working to a strict deadlines. If you can’t come up with a good idea in a stressful situation, it’s best to take a break and look for inspiration. By Andrew Valums


Sunday, September 27, 2009

How To Get Your Comments Approved On Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs can have a very positive impact on your search engine ranking and on the traffic you’re getting to your sites. By Frus Keting

5 Important Tips For Your Blogger Business Card

Are you a blogger? Do you do any networking? Have a business card? You should. By David Risley

Picture 4

How Personal Should Your Professional Blog Be?

There are some very distinct differences between business and personal blogging.
Unfortunately, not everyone immediately understands the subtle differences. By Tina Marie Hilton

8 tools & techniques to improve your blogging

Blogging is hard. However, as with everything in life it is easier if you have the right tools for the job. Here are 8 which may help. By Boagworld

Screenshot of cotweet

5 Reasons Why People Believe They Can Become A Blog Star

What do you want to be when you grow up? When you were young the answer was movie star. What young kid does not dream of being famous, having lots of money, living in Beverly Hills and followed by flashing bulbs every time they go shopping for shoes. By DailyBlogTips

How to Change the Favicon in Blogger

Blogger supplies every blog with the standard orange "B" blogger favicon. Having your own unique favicon is a great way to give your blogger template both a distinct and explicit brand. By WidgetsForFree

30+ Blogger Widget and Plugins

Blogger platform has undergone major improvements in last two years. Not only the blogger development team has added several new features to the platform,, but countless new blogger templates are being developed around the globe. By Mint Blogger

5 Video Sharing Websits for blogging

Bloggers must make there blogs more attractive to entice internet users to read their blogs. Putting some images about the topic, background images, sounds or background music would be great to make your blog look more dynamic, and more appealing to the readers-to-be. Some bloggers would even embed a video on their blogs. By The Weblog Zone

Top 5 Photo Hosting Websites for Your Photoblog

Blogging doesn’t just constitute on text documents alone. Blogs can be of different forms depending on the blogger’s specialization. You can have vlogs (video blogs), sketchblog, artblogs and even photoblogs. By The Weblog Zone


Ping Your Blog

To learn more about what pinging is please read this post.

Blog Design

A good looking blog design is essential to the success of your blog. If you have the budget then a custom blog design is recommended however if you are strapped for cash there are many premium themes available for $100 and less. By Bloggingtips

10 Blogging Tips for 2009 to Make It Your Most Successful Blogging Year Ever

With all the new internet marketing methods available, blogging has become a little bit “old hat” in the eyes of many. By Yuwanda Black

Best 25 Financial Blogs

It has been over a year since Time published their feature "The 25 Best Financial Blogs." A great deal has changed. Some of the blogs on the list are gone or no longer have regular posts. Others have grown and become better.

Technorati now hiring bloggers

Technorati used to be the darling of the Blogging industry. Unfortunately they have lost some of their shine in these past years with declining market share, bugs and downtime, and an unclear strategy for the future. By Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Study: Microbloggers are really boring

A study from the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology has found that most microbloggers are updating their status with "mundane" messages. By Don Reisinger

The Beginner's Guide to Tricking Out Your WordPress Blog

You took the leap and installed WordPress to host your own blog because you want complete control over how it looks and works. Now, it's time to power it up, lock it down, and make your blog completely yours. By Gina Trapani

Texas police take on blog commenters

Everyone in Austin, Texas always seems unusually charming. By Chris Matyszczyk

Saturday, September 26, 2009

10 Step Intermediate Guide to Blogging Your Personal Brand

If you’re a beginner, here are some tips on blogging your personal brand. By Joshua Shackelford

Optimization Is Essential For a Successful Blog

As a blogger, search engine optimization is essential to one’s traffic and for that matter survival as a blogger. By Serena Brown

5 Time Management Tricks For Bloggers

Blogging is a rather intense business. Certainly not something where you can “set it and forget it”. So, how can you take maximum use of your time and still get the most output? By David Risley

A Simple Way To Develop Writing Ideas For Your Blog

Did you efficiently and rapidly make it through your well-planned to-do list? Or did you have constant interruptions and distractions? By Debbie Harbeson

How to Use a Magazine to Improve Your Blog

Are you looking for some fresh design, marketing and even story or headline ideas for your blog? By Darren Rowse

Should You Write an Ebook if Your Blog is Small?

If your blog is small, should you write an ebook? By Remarkablogger

Studio shot of a fish in bowl

7 Steps To Winning The War for Attention

The blogosphere is full of people who have put out their welcome mats and are hoping for somebody, anybody, to stop by and take a look around. By Jonathan Morrow

How Not to Promote Your Blog

For every great blog promotion strategy, there are five that suck. Really suck. They suck so bad that using them can get you blacklisted by real bloggers, ignored by annoyed readers, unfollowed on Twitter, and possibly placed on the terrorist watch list. By Darren Rowse

J. Travis Lusk3 Quick Ways to Improve your WordPress Blog SEO

SEO is all the rage these days. Actually, it has been the rage for quite a while now, and just when people started calling it bunk, it started to surge back. By J. Travis Lusk


15 Ways to Rework Your Next Blog Post Title

Why the Title is One of the Most Important Elements of Your Next Post. By Darren Rowse

6 Blog Efficiency Tips

As a blogger everyone wants to be more efficient whether they know it or not. 90% of all blogger’s do not blog as their full-time job. By Franklin Bishop

4 Steps to Increase Your Blog Traffic

One of the most common complaints that I hear from bloggers is the fact that no matter how hard they try, they can’t grow their blogs past 100 or so daily page vies. By Daniel Scocco

Writing a Better Blog

Write a Better Blog – 3 Ways To Really Reach Your Reader by Larry Brooks

Blogging for an Audience

Some people think that blogging is for the isolated, or the dysfunctional: that it consists of alcoholic finger-jabbers or political obsessives firing their opinions into cyberspace regardless of the audience. EzyBlogger

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Corporate Blog Design: Trends And Examples

With tens of millions of blogs online today, major corporations have started to recognize the value of a corporate blog for communicating with customers.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Steal This Blog!

Some secrets of what makes 10,000 Words blog so unique.

10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Blogging

Many marketing departments fail to “get” blogging and have poorly visited blogs with few comments. Because their blog fails to perform, they conclude that blogging is an ineffective marketing tool and either remove it entirely or leave it to languish.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Discover The Power Of Blogging

Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon that is truly undefined due to the fact that it is not yet what it will become. Currently weblogs teeter on the edges of interactive journalism vs. personal archiving and information sharing.

7 Questions To Ask Yourself BEFORE Starting A Business Blog

Blogging is the latest buzzword in online marketing and PR.

The Idiot's Step-By-Step Guide To Blogging for Profit

Blogging is easy, blogging is fun. And what's more'it can help your business in a lot of ways. A blog is a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and web links in the cyberspace.

How To Start A Video Blog

More advanced forms of video blogging include getting your "vlog" accepted by Apple's iTunes so their subscribers can find and subscribe to your vlog (which gives you access to 19 million users at last count).

How to Add Flickr Images to Your Blog

Every Blogger Starts From Zero

You could be on the A-List next year.

Learn How Leo Got 100,000 Subscribers to His Blog

It’s been one of those weeks where some great free reports from bloggers have been released.

The world's most hated blogger on real estate

Two years ago, it's fair to say, Casey Serin hit bottom. A bottom lower than most of us could go -- a bottom that would make most of us nauseous and curl into fetal position, whimpering.

Add Twitter Follower(s) Count To Your Blog

twittercounter Add Twitter Follower(s) Count To Your Blog

You've seen many blogs/websites showing “follow me” banners and links. But, it would be better to show the social proof to arise their willingness to follow.

Give Your Blog Design a Boost with a Premium Wordpress Theme

If you use Wordpress.org as your blogging application and want to give your blog's appearance a more unique look without spending a fortune, then a premium Wordpress theme might be the perfect solution.

Why Consultants Should Blog

For consultants, and others who make their living selling their time and expertise (lawyers, accountants, etc.), knowledge is their most precious resource.

26 Top Search Marketing Blogs By RSS Subscribers

Here's a list of 26 top Search Marketing Blogs with Google Webmaster Central dominating followed by upward movement by SEOMoz and Search Engine Land.

top sem blogs