Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top widgets for the sidebar of your class or student blog

Did you know that the fastest and easiest way to add new features to your blog is by embedding widgets into the sidebar of your blog? By The Edublogger

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

12 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

12 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Having a lot of comments on your blog has a lot of advantages including social proof, however, many people find it difficult to get comments on their blogs, this post will be listing 12 ways to get more comments on your blogs. By Onibalusi Bamidele

Three Great Forum Plugins for Wordpress


Discussion forums were one of the earliest forms of online social networking and are hard-wired into the DNA of the internet. By Brandon Cox

5 Cool Widgets & Services for Your Blogger Blog

Some cool widgets to use for your blog. By Gouthaman Karunakaran

The First Weblogs and the First People Who Made a Living Blogging

These days, blogs are commonplace and anyone can set one up in a matter of minutes. Many people do this for fun, and to share their lives with the world, but many more do it to make money. By Melissa Tamura

Four Great Blogging Platforms For People Who Hate WordPress

That said, there’s more to the blogging universe than WordPress. Other blogging platforms come with their own unique set of challenges and advantages. In no particular order, here are four great alternatives to WordPress. By Maria Rainier

9 books about WordPress design and development

Here are nine books worth checking out about WordPress and blog design. By Mayank

10 simplicity tips to grow your blog

Here are some great, but very simple tips when blogging. By Chris Stroud

Keyboard Shortcuts for Posting with Blogger

Blogger offers us a range of keyboard shortcuts we can use when creating and editing our blog posts to perform some most-used tasks without having to scroll around to find their appropriate buttons. By Amanda Kennedy

How to hide the Blogger Navbar

In case you were wondering, it is possible to hide the Blogger nav-bar (which displays a search box and useful links). By Amanda Kennedy

Nexus 5 - A New Blogger Template for Free Download

Nexus 5 is a one column template, with widgetized sections in the footer for any gadgets you may like to include. A wider, two column version will be available shortly for those who prefer gadgets in a sidebar section. By Bloggerbuster

How to Add a Featured Content Section on your Blog's Home Page

Here's a great customization to use when designing Blogger templates. It's called a "featured content" that you can display on the home page. Use this technique to display a content slider, mini-portfolio or slideshow above the main posts section. By Amanda Kennedy

New Ways to Find WordPress Themes

Photo Genic

There are thousands of themes available for WordPress. By James Huff

How to Get Readers to Return to Your Blog

There may come a time when your once popular blog begins to lose readers. While it is not entirely uncommon for blog popularity to wax and wane, it can certainly be disheartening for the blog owner who is simply trying to market their products or services. By David Smith

3 Things Probloggers Should Do Before Hitting The Publishing Button

In an age where everyone wants to be first, many bloggers are sacrificing elegance for speed in a vain attempt to break the news before their rivals get a chance to analyze the story. By Darnell Clayton

20 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Across the Social Web

For a business to succeed in building a brand and growing, it needs to surround consumers with branded online experiences, so those consumers can self-select how they want to engage with the brand. The same theory holds true for bloggers who want to grow their own blog brands and audiences across the social web. By Susan Gunelius

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ExpressionEngine To Leapfrog WordPress On iPhone? (iExpression)

Read the post here.

Ning Courts WordPress

Ning (a premium DIY social networking service) is reaching out to WordPress fans by eliminating the need to repost blog entries upon ones social Ning network. By Darnell Clayton

How do you influence your blog readers?

become an influencer

To quote Spidey’s uncle “with great power comes great responsibility!” and our responsibility as a blogger shouldn’t be taken lightly. By Diane Corriette

You’ve Landed a Blogging Job – Now What?

Blogging for other people is a great way to make money online. If you run your own blog and have published regular content, then you are well placed to write for other people or companies. By Nita Teoh

5 Things Learned While Working at BlogWorld ’10

So. BlogWorld ’10 is over, and the Monday morning quarterbacking is about to begin. Attendees and speakers are posting their thoughts and takeaways and you can be sure we’re going to read them all. By Deb Ng

How to Get Incoming One Way Backlinks to Your Blog

An ongoing concern for many bloggers is how to get incoming backlinks to their blog. Backlinks serve a couple of important functions: they can drive more traffic to your site and they "tell" the search engines how important your site is for key search terms. By Denise Wakeman

How To Get Your Blog Content Shared More – More Tweets. More Likes.

Thumbs Up - Good Content

As more and more people join Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, bloggers are increasingly trying to get their content shared and it in-front of more people. And why wouldn’t they? By Thomas McMahon

Forget about backing up your blog, automate it.

When’s the last time you backed up your blog? A few weeks ago? Months? Never!? By Thomas McMahon

Build the Perfect Blog Audience for You

If you could hand-pick your ideal blog reader, who would they be? What are they like? What do they look like? By David Risley

Saturday, October 09, 2010

How to Make Your Blog Load Faster

Earlier this year, Google began using site speed, or load time, as a search ranking factor, claiming that “faster sites create happy users.” Since the search engine’s professed goal is to give users what they want, it makes sense that load time would enter into the ranking algorithm. By Elisa Gabbert

50 ways to take your blog to the next level

Blogging is as varied in its applications as using the telephone or taking a picture. The tool doesn’t predict the output. By Chris Brogan

What Makes Real Blogging Success?

So what does it take to make your blog a success? By

Friday Feature

Brent Pohlman discusses his social media success.

5 Blog Naming Basics

Is your blog getting the attention you know it deserves? Maybe you haven’t started your blog yet because you can’t settle on the right name or theme. By Pro Blogger

5 Life Skills You Already Have that Can Make You a Great Blogger

If you’ve just started a blog you are, no doubt, using your best Google-fu to hunt down every last post giving advice to novice bloggers. By Pro Blogger