Friday, December 17, 2010

Marketing the “You Know What Out” of Your Blog, Part 3

One of the best ways to market your blog and attract heaps of visitors is through social media. By Big Girl Branding

Marketing the “You Know What” Out of Your Blog, Part 2

This article continues with two actual methods of promoting your blog. By Big Girl Branding

Marketing the “You Know What” Out of Your Blog, Part 1

Marketing a blog is pretty much like marketing anything else. It requires time and commitment. It also requires patience and consistency, and a willingness to use a bit of elbow grease. By Big Girl Branding

5 Ways To Build An Epic Blogger Brand

5 Ways To Build An Epic Blogger Brand

Our beloved blogging world is one crowded heck of a place. New digital crusaders are entering the arena everyday, and the numbers keep exploding. By Marsdorian

Designers Checklist 1.0: Does Your Blog Design Accomplish all of the Following?

As blog design has evolved, getting a theme has become easier. Premium themes have become more advanced and allow for simpler customization to be done by the owner. By Alex

Creating a Trend to Effectively Stand Out

Creating a Trend to Effectively Stand Out

What does it mean to create a trend? A trend is really a specific direction that something or someone develops over a given amount of time that begins to spread to many others. In the case of blogging we, bloggers, should think about starting a trend for our blogs. By Derek Jensen

How to Massively Improve Reader Participation on Your Blog

A blog is supposed to be a dynamic website; a place where blog owner and readers can come together in a single community designed to offer communication and the relaying of thoughts. By Matt Jackson

Blog Promotion: 169 New Ways to Build Traffic like a Ninja

Promoting your blog is perhaps the most difficult part of blogging. After spending hours writing a great post and putting links and images in it you push the publish button and wait… but nothing happens! By Seth

30 Real Ways to Make Money Blogging

Looking for ways to make money with your blog can be frustrating. Either you don’t have enough traffic or you are not sure what to do. Here are some links to check out. By Seth

45 Link Building Tips To Help You Promote Your Blog

In an ever changing approach by bloggers to keep up with the Google SERP algorithms, many of us get carried away with our “SEO Techniques.” It’s not a surprise nor a shame, because without this experimentation, we are bound to hit a plateau in progress. By Janith

How To Give Your Visitors More

If you’re a blogger, it isn’t hard to figure out what your visitors came to your website for: content. By Karan Singhal

Mind Mapping for Blog Expansion & Making Smart Mistakes, Part 2

Wow to use mind mapping for building your blogs and making smart mistakes. By Derek Jensen

Mind Mapping for Blog Expansion & Making Smart Mistakes, Part 1

When it comes time to expand our blogs we need to take many things into consideration and use caution along the way. By Derek Jensen

5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

One of the major problems many people face is getting traffic to a blog, and the truth in the online world is that traffic is very essential to any online business you do; it is traffic that brings about people that buy. By Onibalusi

Fresh Cookies: How to Keep Your Writing Relevant

There’s nothing worse or more frustrating than losing readers or subscribers. By Lydia

Do You Only Fuel the Blogosphere or Reap the Benefits?

Especially in the blogging niche, when it comes to your followers, the one’s who have just begun in the blogosphere and know very little about it, are your strongest links. By Peter J

How to start a blog

How to Create a Better Non-Blog WordPress Site

WordPress has far surpassed its anticipated use as a blogging platform as many website owners have been using it for non-blog websites. By Alyssa Gregory

A Story About A Blogger…

Like a lot of bloggers, this blogger wanted to get better and make more money. So, he did what any blogger would do – read other people’s blogs about making money blogging. By David Risley

My Small Mistake That Cost Me Big Money On My Blog

Rob Sutton talks about how he made a mistake that cost him money. The funny thing is that it was not a huge mistake by any means…just a small oversight that was caused by not taking that extra couple of seconds to make sure everything was in line and ready to go.

Avoiding Blogger Burnout: How To Keep The Wheels Turning

To the untrained eye, blogging seems to be a relatively easy job. Hell, anyone can just sit around at Starbucks all day and play on the Internet, right? Not quite. By Robb Sutton

7 Things NOT To Do Before You Have A Lot Of Blog Traffic


Everyone reads the articles about what you need to do to grow your blog. From “pillar content” to list posts to holding contests, there are a ton of ways you can increase your subscribers and pageviews on your blog as you strive to take your show full time. However, there are not as many articles that explain what you should not do on your blog before you have the traffic to support it. By Robb Sutton

Are you giving visitors a reason to revisit your blog?


We obsess over our inbound links, our mentions on twitter, and our daily visitor count. We do this because blogging is a solo activity–most of us don’t have personal connections with mentors to tell us what we’re doing well and what we need to improve.

In other words, we’re all flying blind. By Christopher of CreativeBlogger

5 Must-Measure eCommerce Blogging Strategies

It’s critical to have a goal in mind before writing a single word of a blog post. For eCommerce sites that thrive through online sales, goals of each post should be different than for a B2B blog’s goals. By Michael Redbord

Blog Evaluation: FamousBloggers.Net

The Power Of Combining Blogging And Podcasting

Podcasting and blogging can simply go together to make powerful assets for brands, organizations, and businesses. When combined successfully, they can play off of one particular a different and result in a really successful, on-going promotional campaign. By I Do Blogs

Grow your blog traffic by commenting

One of the most common tips you will hear, when it comes to growing traffic for your blog, is to comment on other blogs that are similar in topic. By Grant Griffiths

How To Make A Better First Impression With Your Blog

The advice in this post isn’t new advice, not new at all. In fact, you’ve probably read the following many times before: When a new visitor hits your site, you have just a few seconds before they form their first impressions of you and your business. That’s all you get. By Jonathan Woodward

Free Template - Blogger Buster Christmas

Just in time for the festive season. By Bloggerbuster

Should WordPress Bloggers Use Blogger As A Backup?

While the idea of using Blogger as an online backup may not suite everyone, certain bloggers sporting WordPress users may need to consider creating a subdomain (or even leaving the “.blogspot” on) if your site falls underneath these criteria. By Darnell Clayton

Blogging Pitfalls: Why You Need Your Own Domain

Many bloggers, when they first start out, are unsure if they are going to continue blogging over the long term and either don’t want to spend the time or invest the money into securing a domain name of their own. By Jonathan Bailey

Is blogging really on the decline?

An article on Mashable discussed a study by Pew Internet that broke down the online activities by age groups, starting with as young as 18 and working up to 74+. By Jonathan Bailey

How to Create an A-List Blog Plan

blog plan

Everyone should plan out their blog and what they will be doing with it before going live. By Adam Smith

Yahoo! Killing Off Delicious, Buzz And MyBlogLog?

The blogosphere is a buzz (pun not intended) over the rumored shut down of Delicious, as well as other services such as MyBlogLog and Yahoo! Buzz. By Darnell Clayton

8 Amazing Blogging Lessons from Albert Einstein


Einstein was perhaps the most influential scientists to ever live, and it would be strange if we could not find some blogging related principles among his ideas, right? By Mr. Self Development

12 Days of Blogging 2010: 9 SEOers Optimizing

SEO is not my strong suit. And by “not my strong suit,” I mean that I know the basics of it and am waaaaay not into it. Some bloggers hate adding tags. Some bloggers hate working with photos. I hate SEO. By Allison Boyer

How to Reinvent Yourself with Blog Marketing

What does Tim credit for his rapid emergence into the public eye? His blog and his blogger outreach strategy, which took him from unknown to successful author, angel investor, and social media celebrity is a few short years. By Brian Clark

How Boring Is Your Blog?

Are you repeating the same things every other blogger is saying? Are your valuable visitors turning away as soon as they see what you have to offer? Is your blog great, or is it boring?

How would you know?

By Julien Smith

Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 Common business blogging questions answered

A list of 10 questions you may find useful if starting a business blog. By Dan Zarrella

How To Build Your Credibility As An Expert While Blogging

When your strategy for making money with your blog is to sell something you have created or something you do, then your credibility as an expert is crucial. By Eduard Ezeanu

LiveJournal Challenges WordPress On iPad

After reigning supreme as the only blog platform with an official iPad app, it looks like WordPress is finally being challenged upon Steve Jobs “magical” device. By The Blog Herald

Should WordPress Mimic Apple Regarding Premium Plugins?

One of the major advantages that WordPress has over its rivals (aside from its beautiful user interface) is the sheer number of plugins available for users to download. By The Blog Herald

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Blogging with keyword research in mind

When you have a blog, it is one thing to post whatever is on your mind and then it is another to spend a little time to research your headlines so that they not only grab the attention of your readers but they also get the search engine traffic you need as a result of choosing the right keywords. By Zac Johnson

Tumblr Returns After 24 Hours Of Downtime

While the exact cause of the issue which occurred during a scheduled maintenance period has not been released, Tumblr team members have mentioned “database cluster issues” as a culprit. By Tumblr

8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content

image of #8 pool ball

Your precious words. You know they’ve got to be right to attract the audience you want. By Copyblogger

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Be Inspired: 40 Blogs with Amazing Grunge Design

While designing a user interface, it is important that your design is attractive to entice your viewers with your website. One of the hot design trend these days is Grunge Design. By Charina Torres

Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Word About Blog Email Management

The main reason bloggers give for not replying to emails is this: “It’s just not scalable for me to reply to every email.” I see your argument and raise you a hearty, “You’re an idiot.” Here’s why.

Everything You Need to Import and Display RSS Feeds with WordPress

WordPress makes it super-easy to publish your own content, and even easier to import and display content from other great sites around the Web. Just as other people are displaying and reading your feed in their apps and devices, you can use external RSS feeds to supplement and strengthen your site’s primary content. By ProBlogger

Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 ways to join the blogging community

If you’re thinking of blogging, or you already blog, do you feel you’re a part of the community? If not, it’s time to join. By Rebecca Osberg

4 Nasty Habits Blog Commenters Should Avoid

It takes a lot of dedication and time to run a blog, and some of the most gratifying rewards a blog owner can reap are comments on his or her posts.

Getting Feedbacks For Ones Blogs

Feedbacks for a web log produce your blog full of life. By I Do Blogs

Top 5 PR Prediction Tools For Your blog or Website

Page Rank Prediction is one of the most important factor for every website owner or blogger. As all of us knows very well that page rank of a website which is being given by the google to the websites or blogs according to their ranking and the content searched by the search engines. By Latest Tech World

Branding 101

How to promote your blog like the big guys do. By Leo Babauta

Nominate your favorite writing blog

The ANNUAL TOP 10 BLOGS FOR WRITERS has now moved to Write to Done. In the past four years Michael Stelzner, author of “Writing White Papers” and Founder of Social Media Examiner hosted this important competition. By Write to Done

I don't like your stinkin' blog!

You might be a super popular blogger, but I don’t like your stinkin’ blog. By Alli

Repurpose Your Blog Posts Into Bite-Size Audio Tips


Blog content is the easiest content to repurpose, yet I think most bloggers don't take the time to do it. By Denise Wakeman

RSS, not just a blogging tool

If you happen to be a blogger, you must be perfectly aware what role RSS (Really Simple Syndication) plays in the blogging world. By Mustafa Khundmiri

45 Link Building Tips To Help You Promote Your Blog

In an ever changing approach by bloggers to keep up with the Google SERP algorithms, many of us get carried away with our “SEO Techniques.” It’s not a surprise nor a shame, because without this experimentation, we are bound to hit a plateau in progress. By Janith

5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

One of the major problems many people face is getting traffic to a blog, and the truth in the online world is that traffic is very essential to any online business you do; it is traffic that brings about people that buy. By Onibalusi

7 Reasons Why You Should Blog With A Partner

7 Reasons Why You Should Blog With A Partner

Great information about why you might want to consider having a partner to produce your blog. By Janith

5 Things Madonna Has to Teach You About Blogging to Success

5 Things Madonna Has to Teach You About Blogging to Success

Learning from successful people who have been able to achieve something big is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you want to succeed in anything. And how many people have achieved what Madonna has in their life? By Petteri Ollila

A 5 Word Tagline Can Say More Than 5 Words

A 5 Word Tagline Can Say More Than 5 Words. The Crucial Need for Power & Voice.

Taglines have been around ever since we were creating something for others to view or buy with competition present. Then, people and businesses turned more to their marketing plan and brand personality when designing or redesigning their taglines. How does your tagline match up in this huge blogosphere? By Derek Jensen

How to Massively Improve Reader Participation on Your Blog

A blog is supposed to be a dynamic website; a place where blog owner and readers can come together in a single community designed to offer communication and the relaying of thoughts. For the new blog, and even for some of the more established blogs, getting readers to participate in discussions and leaving comments can prove a difficult challenge. Take heart, though, because it is possible by following a few guidelines to improve blog reader participation. By Matt Jackson

Light vs. Dark Blog Designs: Design Versus Week

There are two primary color schemes in design: light and dark. Each color scheme has its own design elements that work for one, but not always the other. It has been debated many times before as to which scheme was better. By Blogussion

Why Writing Blog Posts Should Not be a Top Priority (And What Should)

There are a countless amount of debates that your blog post content is “king” and essentially the most valuable thing you can do for your blog. While posting new content frequently is crucial, it holds a lot of bloggers back from doing other great things. By Alex

When is the best time to start monetizing your blog?

When is the Best Time to Start Monetizing Your Blog?

There are various reasons why someone would want to set up a blog. It could be to fulfill a need, an interest or an obsession in either his or her personal endeavors or business opportunities. For most people who have an online business, having a blog is an absolute must that serves its purpose and as an extension of his or her business. By Alan Mater

5 reasons to attending blogging conferences

It’s a known fact that conferences can be expensive. Not only do you have the cost of registration and travel, but also the expense of time away from your work, family and social life at home. By Jonathan Bailey

Do You Only Fuel the Blogosphere or Reap the Benefits?

Especially in the blogging niche, when it comes to your followers, the one’s who have just begun in the blogosphere and know very little about it, are your strongest links. By Peter J.

7 Self-doubts New Bloggers Can Beat

You’ve just launched a shiny new blog and you’re buzzing with excitement about sharing content and building an audience. At first, it requires a lot of time and effort to get things off the ground, but your confidence is sky-high that this blogging thing will take off and push you straight up to the A List. By Scott McIntyre

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

4 Ways to Write Several Blog Posts at Once

Here are several ways you can write several blog posts concurrently. By Andrew G. Rosen

Advice to potential bloggers: Don’t ‘Just Do It’

Blogging is not meant for everyone. It is time consuming and draining. But it’s also incredibly rewarding and exhilarating. By Tracy Boyer

8 Ways to Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate

With the explosion of social media sharing and help from smart search engine optimization, many web users are bypassing businesses’ home pages and landing directly on product pages and blog posts. By Kevin Nakao

15 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

Great list on what to know to get your blog off to a good start. By Daily Blog Tips

What Makes Real Blogging Success?

How do you move your blog to be a great success? By Chris Garrett

Create Shorter URLs For Increased Usability and SEO

Do you customize the URLs (aka permalinks) on your blog posts? Chances are, you don’t. By Blogger Design

How to Start a Blog the Right Way

So what's it take to have a great blog? By Chris Garrett

Why Social Media Is a Better Investment than SEO

As a blogger, you probably do not have the luxury of having a staff of people to work for you. By Pro Blogger

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Deciding On The Best Blogging Tool For You

With an increasing number of options from a blogging platform perspective, it’s important to do your due diligence on the front end so you choose the tool that’s right for you–and your corporate culture. By Arik Hanson

Monday, November 01, 2010

How to Simplify WordPress Custom Fields Layout for a Layman

We are already aware of the incredible power and flexibility of WordPress, which is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity among its users. By Ashish Sharma

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top widgets for the sidebar of your class or student blog

Did you know that the fastest and easiest way to add new features to your blog is by embedding widgets into the sidebar of your blog? By The Edublogger

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

12 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

12 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Having a lot of comments on your blog has a lot of advantages including social proof, however, many people find it difficult to get comments on their blogs, this post will be listing 12 ways to get more comments on your blogs. By Onibalusi Bamidele

Three Great Forum Plugins for Wordpress


Discussion forums were one of the earliest forms of online social networking and are hard-wired into the DNA of the internet. By Brandon Cox

5 Cool Widgets & Services for Your Blogger Blog

Some cool widgets to use for your blog. By Gouthaman Karunakaran

The First Weblogs and the First People Who Made a Living Blogging

These days, blogs are commonplace and anyone can set one up in a matter of minutes. Many people do this for fun, and to share their lives with the world, but many more do it to make money. By Melissa Tamura

Four Great Blogging Platforms For People Who Hate WordPress

That said, there’s more to the blogging universe than WordPress. Other blogging platforms come with their own unique set of challenges and advantages. In no particular order, here are four great alternatives to WordPress. By Maria Rainier

9 books about WordPress design and development

Here are nine books worth checking out about WordPress and blog design. By Mayank

10 simplicity tips to grow your blog

Here are some great, but very simple tips when blogging. By Chris Stroud

Keyboard Shortcuts for Posting with Blogger

Blogger offers us a range of keyboard shortcuts we can use when creating and editing our blog posts to perform some most-used tasks without having to scroll around to find their appropriate buttons. By Amanda Kennedy

How to hide the Blogger Navbar

In case you were wondering, it is possible to hide the Blogger nav-bar (which displays a search box and useful links). By Amanda Kennedy

Nexus 5 - A New Blogger Template for Free Download

Nexus 5 is a one column template, with widgetized sections in the footer for any gadgets you may like to include. A wider, two column version will be available shortly for those who prefer gadgets in a sidebar section. By Bloggerbuster

How to Add a Featured Content Section on your Blog's Home Page

Here's a great customization to use when designing Blogger templates. It's called a "featured content" that you can display on the home page. Use this technique to display a content slider, mini-portfolio or slideshow above the main posts section. By Amanda Kennedy

New Ways to Find WordPress Themes

Photo Genic

There are thousands of themes available for WordPress. By James Huff

How to Get Readers to Return to Your Blog

There may come a time when your once popular blog begins to lose readers. While it is not entirely uncommon for blog popularity to wax and wane, it can certainly be disheartening for the blog owner who is simply trying to market their products or services. By David Smith

3 Things Probloggers Should Do Before Hitting The Publishing Button

In an age where everyone wants to be first, many bloggers are sacrificing elegance for speed in a vain attempt to break the news before their rivals get a chance to analyze the story. By Darnell Clayton

20 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Across the Social Web

For a business to succeed in building a brand and growing, it needs to surround consumers with branded online experiences, so those consumers can self-select how they want to engage with the brand. The same theory holds true for bloggers who want to grow their own blog brands and audiences across the social web. By Susan Gunelius

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ExpressionEngine To Leapfrog WordPress On iPhone? (iExpression)

Read the post here.

Ning Courts WordPress

Ning (a premium DIY social networking service) is reaching out to WordPress fans by eliminating the need to repost blog entries upon ones social Ning network. By Darnell Clayton

How do you influence your blog readers?

become an influencer

To quote Spidey’s uncle “with great power comes great responsibility!” and our responsibility as a blogger shouldn’t be taken lightly. By Diane Corriette

You’ve Landed a Blogging Job – Now What?

Blogging for other people is a great way to make money online. If you run your own blog and have published regular content, then you are well placed to write for other people or companies. By Nita Teoh

5 Things Learned While Working at BlogWorld ’10

So. BlogWorld ’10 is over, and the Monday morning quarterbacking is about to begin. Attendees and speakers are posting their thoughts and takeaways and you can be sure we’re going to read them all. By Deb Ng

How to Get Incoming One Way Backlinks to Your Blog

An ongoing concern for many bloggers is how to get incoming backlinks to their blog. Backlinks serve a couple of important functions: they can drive more traffic to your site and they "tell" the search engines how important your site is for key search terms. By Denise Wakeman

How To Get Your Blog Content Shared More – More Tweets. More Likes.

Thumbs Up - Good Content

As more and more people join Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, bloggers are increasingly trying to get their content shared and it in-front of more people. And why wouldn’t they? By Thomas McMahon

Forget about backing up your blog, automate it.

When’s the last time you backed up your blog? A few weeks ago? Months? Never!? By Thomas McMahon

Build the Perfect Blog Audience for You

If you could hand-pick your ideal blog reader, who would they be? What are they like? What do they look like? By David Risley

Saturday, October 09, 2010

How to Make Your Blog Load Faster

Earlier this year, Google began using site speed, or load time, as a search ranking factor, claiming that “faster sites create happy users.” Since the search engine’s professed goal is to give users what they want, it makes sense that load time would enter into the ranking algorithm. By Elisa Gabbert

50 ways to take your blog to the next level

Blogging is as varied in its applications as using the telephone or taking a picture. The tool doesn’t predict the output. By Chris Brogan

What Makes Real Blogging Success?

So what does it take to make your blog a success? By

Friday Feature

Brent Pohlman discusses his social media success.

5 Blog Naming Basics

Is your blog getting the attention you know it deserves? Maybe you haven’t started your blog yet because you can’t settle on the right name or theme. By Pro Blogger

5 Life Skills You Already Have that Can Make You a Great Blogger

If you’ve just started a blog you are, no doubt, using your best Google-fu to hunt down every last post giving advice to novice bloggers. By Pro Blogger

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

3 Reasons to Start a Private Blog

Just because you CAN share every detail of your life online doesn’t mean that you should. By Andrew G. Rosen

5 things to do after creating a new blog

OK, you did it, you created a new blog! You post a few entries on which you sweat for days, give it the best of your best. But what’s next?

Eat, Pray, Blog

If you could order it off a menu you would. “I’ll take the life changer please. You know, the holiday where I get to indulge in the best food on the planet, quiet my deeper self and discover true, passionate love. That one.”
Reality check please! By Katie Tallo

Investigative Tips for Bloggers

Each and every blogger has the capacity to produce the original content that other media outlets and bloggers link to. By Gregory Ferendtein

5 Clever Ways to Make A Sticky Blog

No doubt about it – Content is King. However, the formula for successful blogging doesn’t end there. By Darren Rowse

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Google Realtime search cna boost traffic

Google has again found a way to trans­form the search engine into a even more nec­es­sary part of what we as blog­gers do. By Toya Bryant

How to Create Blog Evangelists

The truly successful blogs don’t just create great content based around a niche, tweet it out, and wait for the readers to come in...they create blog evangelists. By Ross Hudgens

Grow Your Blog’s Influence by Solving a Problem

If you want to be read, be needed. And to be needed, solve a problem. By Brandon Cox

8 Ways to Get Inspiration as a Blogger

The biggest pitfall to blogging is to allow yourself to become “a bore”. In other words you basically have nothing to say, but if you are anything like me I tend to sometimes become a lazy blogger. By Liorsy

4 Solid Reasons Why you’re Not Getting Traffic to Your Blog

Post image for 4 Solid Reasons Why you’re Not Getting Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic is very important to your blog’s success. It is traffic that determines how many comments you will get, it is traffic that determines how many mailing list subscribers you will get and it is also traffic that will determine how many sales you will make. By Onibalusi Bamidele

8 Tips to Keep 1st time Visitors Coming Back to your Blog

You work hard to create quality content for your blog, so you owe it to yourself to make sure that you’re doing everything that you can to generate traffic to your blog, and to keep visitors coming back. By Blase Ciabaton

Plugins For WordPress Blogs

Listing of plugins for Wordpress.

10 Must Follow Resources for WordPress Design Inspiration

wordpress showcase wordpress design

WordPress is considered to be God-send CMS for designers & programmers. It gives enough flexibility for designers to not worry about what all can be designed and can be run on WordPress. By Mayank

15+ Useful Cheat Sheets & Presentations for WordPress Design & Development


WordPress as we all know is the most fantastic blogging software and is turning in a great CMS. By Mayank

Blogger, Do You Know Who You Are?


Who are you? Do you know? When people visit your blog, do they know? By David Risley

Blog SEO Tips: Are keywords that important?

Are keywords really that important for a blog? By Blogsessive

Top 5 most annoying blogging cliches

The niche of blogging tips is a crowded one and no wonder it’s that way. Blogging is so “the new black”. It gives you freedom,... By Blogsessive

How To Turn Out To Be A 5-Figures Blogger

Blogging forms a main portion within the The web world. Those who would like to unearth a platform for expressing their views.

7 Beginner Blogger – How to launch your new blog


Before you even launch your new blog, you need to be positioning you and your blog for a successful launch. In other words, you need to be getting noticed now. By Grant Griffiths

How to Target Blog Content

There are always many criticisms on how one should write a blog for a certain website.By Eugene Aronsky

How to Avoid Lazy Writing and Editing

While it is true that bloggers are, with good reason, expending more and more into video and audio, at some point every blogger is going to have to write something. By Jonathan Bailey

Your Blogger Blog Gone Missing?

Do you have the experience of your blog on Google’s blogger (blogspot) suddenly disappeared into thin air just like that? By Mengulik Dunia Maya

Six Apart kills off Vox

After having launched the social networking blog platform in 2006, it looks as if the Six Apart execs are shutting down Vox at the end of the month. By Darnell Clayton

Apple Pings Your Music Tastes

Apple Social network Ping

Apple’s new Ping network has debuted with the most recent release of iTunes. By Dina Ely

Social Media SEO Success with Blogging

Sustainable Blogging: Blog Like a Farmer

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. For animals to remain strong and healthy under adverse situations. For humans to maintain their well-being. For agriculture to satisfy human needs for generations. By Kim De

Happy Birthday Blogger!

A 11 years ago on this day a man named Evan Williams set out on a quest to make blogging easier. After much thought, sweat and hard work he introduced the world to Blogger, which was later on assimilated by Google. By Darnell Clayton

Disqus Seeking Out A Few Brave Bloggers?

With more blogs embracing Disqus dead simple comment service, the engineers behind the company have decided to roll out a new tool to help publishers gain more insight about their commentors. By Darnell Clayton

Tumblr Perfects Reblogging

Despite popularizing the art of reblogging (or at least convincing WordPress, Typepad and LiveJournal of its worth), crediting the original author has (more or less) been an ugly affair on Tumblr. By Darnell Clayton

8 tips for driving traffic to your blog

How to Build a Blog Network from the Ground Up

Getting exposure is a goal of many bloggers. They work hard writing and sharing their thoughts on various topics. By Darren Rowse

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

10 Must Follow Resources for WordPress Design Inspiration

wordpress showcase wordpress design

WordPress is considered to be God-send CMS for designers & programmers. It gives enough flexibility for designers to not worry about what all can be designed and can be run on WordPress. By Mayank