Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Live-Blogging EconSM Gathering About Social Networking on Mobiles

The topic is how social networking is working out on mobile phones.

To Blog or Not to Blog?

How blogging and social networking can impact your job search.

5 ways gadget blogs fail readers

Five ways gadget blogs fail readers.

Unselfish Self Promotion

As a blogger or even business person you need to promote yourself. Many people think it is embarrassing to promote themselves but if you want to make a living as a blogger or business person you must promote yourself. No one else is going to do it for you.

Where do you find an audience for your blog?

So how do you get in front of your ideal reader (aka prospect/client).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What to look for in hiring a professional blogger

Hiring a Professional Blogger
With more and more companies switching to different mediums to grow their businesses, blogs have become an integral part of promotion strategies and a new and effective way to directly connect with the customers. With the increase in blog becoming an essential part of every business's online marketing strategy, the requirement of professional bloggers has increased significantly.

30+ Blogger widgets and plugins

Here are some best widgets and plugins for blogger powered blog that can spice up your blog for better reader experience.

U.S. Now Has Almost As Many Paid Bloggers As Lawyers

Some startling numbers pumped out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics: The U.S. now has almost as many paid bloggers as lawyers.

Myanmar tops list of worst places to be a blogger

Bloggers in Myanmar, Iran and Syria work under some of the most repressive conditions in the world, facing tactics such as regulation, intimidation and even imprisonment, according to a report from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Myanmar, where students sit at an Internet cafe, tops a list of the worst places to be a blogger.

48 Excellent Examples Of Blog Post Footer Designs

What happens when your visitors are done reading a post on your blog? Maybe they comment on the article, go read another one, click on an ad, get in touch with you, vote and share the post on social media sites, subscribe to your RSS feed, or… simply leave your site.

How The Kindle Now Lets You Steal This Blog

Amazon’s new blog publishing program has a major flaw: it lets anyone steal other people’s blogs and charge readers for them.

8 Twitter tips to promote your blog

8 Twitter Tips to Promote Your Blog
Twitter can be an effective marketing tool for leveraging your followers - NOT as a blog replacement.

How to Install a Blogger Template

Installing a template for Blogger isn't all that hard.

Do you know what Blogging Consistency and Frequency are really about?

By blogging consistency you should understand that…

Avoiding scam blog contests

Holding a contest in a blog is a good way to increase subscribers, links and even traffic. However, bloggers especially newbies should be aware that some of them may be scam.

Blogging Squad

Here's a great site on blogging tips.

Display current location on your blog

If you use Google Latitude, you can now display your current location on your blog using a Google Public Location Badge.

What Everybody Ought To Know About Podcasting: Part I

What do you prefer the most? Blog posts, podcasts or online videos? Good chance if you’re reading this you probably prefer blog posts.

Blog Marketing

Jack Humphy has gathered some more blog marketing resources to further help you understand the simplicity of marketing your blog by focusing in on the core components of a good marketing campaign.

Blooger have mad skills - pay them accordlingly

Bloggers have skills. Mad skills. Their pay should be reflective of all the work they do.

Companies can control their blog content

Blog Users

When thinking about a blog, one big thing that a lot of companies are concerned with is control. They are worried about what may get posted on their blog, and are concerned with people saying negative things about them in their comments.

ProBlogger book for Kindle

If you're using the Kindle and like blogging, you can now purchase the ProBlogger book.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday, May 04, 2009

How To Grow Your Blog Through Customer Development

When you think about growing your blog, whether it is a personal, professional or company blog, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Blogs to Books: Un Upcoming Trend?

Turning a blog into a book is nothing new, but it looks like the trend is picking up. The NY Times, in fact, is running a story titled: Public Provides Giggles; Bloggers Get the Book Deal.

Bloggers - Are You Using Video Yet?

In a report out this month from Nielsen, they report that since November 2007, video audiences have OUTNUMBERED email audiences.

Read article

Sunday, May 03, 2009

5 Reasons To Contribute To A Blog

Unfortunately there are many designers that have extensive knowledge but don’t share it with others. Here are five reasons why every designer should be contributing to blogs and how that will help his or her career.


Saturday, May 02, 2009

Generation Y

Yoani Sanchez is a graduate in Philology. Lives in Havana and combines her passion for information science with her work on the Portal Desde Cuba.

Also see Generation Y

10 Worst Countries to be a Blogger

CPJ names the worst online oppressors. Booming online cultures in many Asian and Middle Eastern nations have led to aggressive government repression. Burma leads the dishonor roll.

S├ínchez’s Generaci├│n Y is among a small but emerging group of independent Cuban blogs. (CPJ)


Enables anyone to update the news in real-time with dots: mini-blog posts, including videos, pictures, documents and links, that appear in context on all relevant news articles.

Google's Marissa Mayer thinks DotSpots is 'beautiful'.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Showcase Of Elegant And Original Blog Designs

When visiting a blog for the first time, you get an instant and strong impression from the design and layout. Cluttered and confusing blog layouts can be an instant turn-off, while sleek and elegant designs immediately captivate the audience.