Monday, February 15, 2010

Will bloggers adopt Google Buzz

When Google announced Google Buzz earlier this week, it kicked off a heated debate as to how great (or useless) it was. By Jonathan Bailey

5 Blogging Basics You Can’t Live Without

Why do you blog? What do you hope to achieve by taking time out of your busy day to write a blog post? By Nate Moller

9 More Way to Promote Your Blog Offline

Eric Cummings shares his thoughts on how to best promote your blog offline.

What Makes the Ultimate Blog Post?

Paul Cunningham offers some qualities one should be aiming for when writing blog posts if you want them to be successful.
Mind Your Blogging Manners: 10 Proper Commenting  Practices

Make sure your comment is relevant to the post, ads value, and provides positive feedback. By Michelle Salater

Add your blog to Technorati

Add your blog to Technorati You may increase the hit rate of your blog by making use of blog search engines such as Technorati. By Rahul Trivedi

Mutitask blog tool

Posterous is a micro blog where you email in your posts to your account and simultaneously have them delivered to multiple social media sites at once.

What Will Content Look Like?

The blog will continue to be a critical element in marketers’ social media strategies. And with the expected increase in businesses using social media, competition for readers is only going to grow. So what’s a blogger to do? By Neicole M. Crepeau

Social Media Experts

Jeannette Paladino provides a listing of well known bloggers.

Meet Your Blog’s Objectives Using SWOT Analysis

Everyone has their own objectives when they begin or expand their virtual identity through blogs. Obviously, these objectives may vary from person to person. Planning helps bloggers to customize their approach in order to meet their respective blogs’ objectives. By Rahul Trivedi

How to Write Blog Posts When You are Blogging to Market a Novel

Launching a book on the Internet

Publishing a non-fiction book will usually make it easy for you to write a blog dedicated to your book. The non-fiction subject of your book and related topics can provide ample blogging material. By Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Blog Post Buffer and Pre-Writing

Would you be interested in creating posts to your blog during the weekends and use weekdays for something else, or blog commenting and promotion instead of writing new blog posts? By Antti Kokkonen

10 Ways To Make Your Blog Load Faster and Save Bandwidth

Some very good tips to help your blog load faster.

Tuning blog landing pages

There are pages in your site which you didn’t design as a landing page, but which have become so. These are the pages that do well in search for you. By Mike's Life

How to Open a New Line of Revenue from Your Blog by Creating Information Products

Information products are gold buried in your blog and you may not even know it.

If you’ve been using your blog to market your business and generate leads and sales, that’s awesome. But it’s not the only thing you can be doing. By Michael Martine

Pages Now Available on Blogger Blogs

Huge news from this month -- a tool that bloggers have desperately wanted from the application is now available -- pages! By Susan Gunelius

3 Great SEO Articles For Beginners

Dee Barizo points to three SEO articles that can help your blog.

7 Tips to Sell More Advertising on your Blog


Chad offers some great tips on selling more advertising on your blog.

Concise Answers to Your Top Beginner Blogging Questions

Blogging can be a mighty confusing endeavor for newcomers. If you’re just starting out as a blogger, or contemplating making the leap, don’t let the technical side of blogging, or all the confusing options, hold you back. By Leo Babauta

Basic Blogging Tips

Basic Blogging Tips

Tips about blogging, blogging software, content, and more.

How to Apply for Freelance Blogger Work (Yes, there’s a right way)

There are several tactics you can employ to help increase your odds of landing a freelance blogging gig. Here are a few that have worked for Andrew G.R.

Ten Must Read Tips to Start a Small Business Blog

Lee Odden shares 10 must read tips to start a small business blog.

21 Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Denise Wakeman shares 21 tips for driving traffic to your blog.

Introducing Scribe: SEO Copywriting Made Simple

image of Scribe logo

Brian Clark, talks about Scribe, and how it makes SEO copywriting simple.

Your First Week of Blogging – Write Compelling Content


The content that you write will vary depending upon the type of blog you’re running and it’s topic. By Darren Rowse