Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are You Going to let Your Advertisers Ruin Your Blog?

How many advertisers do you get for your blog? Are you willing to accept all of them? Are you going to put all of their banner ads on your site? By Pubudu Kodikara

Isa Wordpress theme framework right for your blog?

Pagelines Platform Pro - Blogging Labs

Over the past couple of years, WordPress theme frameworks have been growing in popularity. With features like SEO integration and clean coding, frameworks like Thesis, Headway, Genesis and Platform Pro are continuing to take their bite out of the premium WordPress theme market. By Robb Sutton

Why Zero Blog Comments? (And How To Fix It!)


If your blog is not attracting comments, it is time to review on whatever you are doing currently. By Jack Harold

5 Habits That Will Destroy Your Blogging Career

BadHabits Feature

How Guest Blogging Can Increase your Blog Brand Recognition

Guest blog post

Are you an internet entrepreneur? Do you run a blog? Do you want to learn how to learn how to leverage a single guest article to increase your brand awareness online? By Ajaero

What You Should Do When Other Bloggers Steal Your Website’s Design

Website Design Problems

You know how to deal with spam blogs who republish content from your site’s RSS feed. You know all the legal stuff – filing a DMCA complaint with the web hosting company, sending email to the site’s advertisers, filing a spam report on Google Webmaster central and so on. By Amit Banerjee

5 Simple Steps To An Original Blog Design

People visit your blog, and when they arrive – “I’ve seen that design before.” It commonly happens. You don’t master an impressive design that stands out from the rest. By Peter J

HOW TO: Start As A Proper Blogger [Newbies Tips]

Good article on those who are beginning to enter the blogging arena. By Shawn

Working Hard — But Still No Traffic Towards Your BLOG?

If you are of the view that pulling content daily on your blog and optimizing is key to your success, then you might be wrong, pulling a bunch of garbage daily on your blog is nothing BUT a great loss indeed. By Usman

3 Simple Ways To Find The RSS Subscribers Of Any Blog

Feedproxy subscribers

RSS Subscribers Count (whether it is genuine or not) is one of the ways, advertisers use to analyse the popularity of blogs and websites, well mostly blogs. By S. Pradeep Kumar

5 General Tips To Create A Good Blog Post

Good Blog Post

So how do we write a great blog post that captures a reader’s attention, and make him or her wants to come back for more? Here are 5 tips that you could apply. By Jasmine

5+ Uses Of Dropbox That Every Blogger Should Be Aware Of


For people who are not aware Dropbox, it is a Web-based file hosting service that uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization. By S. Pradeep Kumar

7 Simple Tips To Enhance Your WordPress Blog Security

As one of the most common blogging platforms, WordPress is the home for many bloggers all over the world. With simple implementation and a wide range of features, it is a no-brainer for many to go with WordPress. By Jessy Troy

Keyword Trends – What Do They Mean for Your SEO? Read more:

Keywords Рjust like the clothes in your closet Рgo through trends. Some keywords may get searched for like crazy one month, then have no one searching for them the next month. Just like those shoes that were oh-so-fashionable one day and completely pass̩ the next, your keywords can do the same thing. By Kirsty LaVier

HOW TO: Check Keyword Density Using Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar keywords

Google Toolbar, an Internet browser toolbar available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, is one of the important tools every Webmaster and Blogger should be aware of. By S. Pradeep Kumar

Looking Back/Looking Forward: A Blogger’s New Year’s Resolutions

Blase Clabaton shares his thoughts on 2010 and what he's looking forward for in 2011.

Blogging is like…like what?

There have been a number of disciplines and activities that people have been comparing blogging with – some being really crazy ideas though some make you believe that blogging is really what they are comparing it with. By Ajith Edassery

Will Writing Often Really Help Your Blog Authority? Read more from BLOGBloke: Copyrig

Will Writing Often Really Help Your Blog Authority?

Can you really be a top blogger .. an authority in your blog niche without writing often? That is the question this article will answer once and for all. By BlogBloke

13 blogging lessons learned from Stephen King’s On Writing

Stephen King’s book On Writing is a very good read. It is targeted towards writers and wanna-be writers, but it is a very inspiring book for anyone. By Marko Saric

8 Thesis theme design tips to make your blog better

These customizations are relevant to Thesis theme as found on WordPress. By Marko Saric

How to install Wordpress 3.0.1

WordPress is the most professional and the most customizable blogging platform. Installing WordPress will definitely help you create a great blog. By Marko Saric

Finding Your Blogging Voice

Some good tips from Barbara Swafford.

Mobile Templates available for Blogger

Although Blogger sites can be viewed on most mobile devices, it can be difficult to effectively read blogspot sites due to the small screen size. By Bloggerbuster

100 of the Best Free Blogger Templates from 2010

Presented in no particular order, these are organized by Blogger template developer and offer a wide variety of styles to suit any type of site. By Bloggerbuster

Free Blogger Backgrounds and Textures to Spice up Your Site

Background images can instantly transform the appearance of our Blogger sites. By Bloggerbuster

5 Great Online Image Editors for Bloggers

As Web-based apps gain greater and greater acceptance, especially for casual use, many of the applications we previously considered “must haves” for new computers may just become specialized tools for those with specialized needs. By Lior Levin

Blogging Pitfalls: How to Blog Without Internet Access

Tangled Cables

To a blogger, Internet access is much like electricity or water, it is an essential for business and, without it, a home becomes almost unlivable in a hurry. By Jonathan Bailey

6 Quick Tips to Run Your Own Successful Blog Contest

Running a blog contest can be a great way to build up social proof for your brand new blog, and it can also be used to encourage increased interactivity to help develop your blog’s community. By Brent McCoy

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

125 Tips for Building an Irresistible Brand

There are countless blogs and articles on the web that proclaim the importance of building a unique brand. By Logan Zanelli

30 Days to a Better Blog: Add Images or Video to Each Post

Images and video are important to blog posts and pages because they immediately draw in the reader’s attention and help break up the monotony of all that text! By Nikki

Top 10 Beginners Tips for New WordPress Users

38 Critical Books Every Blogger Needs to Read

business books

Good list of books that will be of keen interest to bloggers. By Danny Iny

Buying and Selling Blogs with Strong Personal Brands

Good article on selling a blog that’s built around a strong personal brand. By ProBlogger

Monthly Trends + Resolutions for a Better Blog

Make a resolution today to take your blog to the next level in 2011. By Kimberly Turner

How to Get 80+ Comments on Your Next Blog Post

Why do some blog sites get so many comments? And more importantly, what can you do to replicate the commenting frenzy on your own blog? By ProBlogger