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Top 10 Blogs To Follow For Online Business Development

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Here's a cool list of the top 10 internet marketing, social media and online business development blogs. By Sean Smith

15 Internet tools every blogger should use

Here are 15 online tools that can help make blogging easier, more efficient and enjoyable. Some you may already have heard of, others might new to you, so make sure to check them out. By Alex Ainsberg

Blog better by imitating a blogger who does it well

Kiesha Easley writes about how blogging was more than good design...she needed to know what it was that these bloggers did to stand out from the rest.

What’s your blogging story?

How and when did you start blogging? By Kiesha Easley

How to Have a Blog

The answer to how to have a blog first depends on why you want a blog. (The word blog comes from combining web and log, as in a log of what you’re doing). By Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Lazy blogging – the art of doing less

Lot of the things that go into blogging mean very little. Dropping those things is the key to lazy blogging – doing less by working smarter, not harder. By Antti Kokkonen

5 Effective Blog Post Ideas

post ideas

Looking for and finding blog post ideas often seems easy when you first start blogging, but as you progress in your blogging career, you might find yourself running out of topic ideas or subject matter for posts. By Tom Walker

Do Bloggers Really Make Money Blogging?

Do Bloggers Really Make Money Blogging?

So many top bloggers seems to make most of their income through offering their own membership course, ebooks or other training materials. So, do any bloggers actually make money from blogging alone? By Keller Hawthorne

The Blogger Template Designer

Here's more information regarding the new Blogger Template Designer.

New blog designer on Blogger

A year in the making, the new template designer is now on Blogger.

Blogging and Social Media – Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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A business who uses social media as one of its marketing tools will have available to it many benefits. By Grant Griffiths

How NOT To Apply For A Paid Blogging Gig

Although the cold call strategy can work, there certainly are disadvantages as well. By Frank Branckaute

How to Get a Blogger’s Attention

Getting the attention of a blogger you would like to work with or for is no easy task. Life feels like one big cluttered inbox. Here are a few ways to cut through the noise. By Andrew G.R.

Smart Article Marketing For Fast AND Long Term Blog Traffic

Article marketing for traffic is by no means a new concept, but as old as it is there are still great misconceptions about the best way to use it as a tool in creating new targetted visitors to your blog. By Andrew Hansen

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Article Marketing

Many will claim that article marketing doesn’t work, but Henri Junttila has used it and it has worked beautifully. In this article he'll explain exactly what he's done and how he made it work.

Blogging Lessons From TechCrunch and Mashable

Here are some blogging tips shared by TechCrunch and Mashable. By Daniel Scocco

How to Use Editorial Calendars for Your Blog

One of the challenges for business bloggers that I constantly hear about is the never-ending need for fresh, relevant and timely content ideas to keep one's audience engaged. By Denise Wakeman

How To Syndicate Your Blog to Social Networks

A blog should be considered the central hub of your social networking universe. Everything you do should drive traffic back to your blog, or website, as a way of combining all your efforts to give your brand maximum exposure. By Thomas McMahon

Why You Should Always Write Your Headline Last

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When you write a post for your blog, your headline is the last thing you should be thinking about. By James Chartrand

7 Ways to end a blog

Here are some options available to bloggers who have decided to end their blog but who don’t quite know how to do it. By Problogger

30 Valuable Lessons Learned Using Social Media for Small Business


Do you own a small business? How long have you been using social media as a marketing tool and what have you learned? By Mark Hayward

Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 Blogging Mistakes Most Bloggers Make


Sometimes it takes years of blogging to notice your most obvious mistakes. By SEO Blog

Friday, March 12, 2010

11 Characteristics of Highly Influential Blog(ger)s

Want to build your blog and following? Here are some key ideas and takeways — as well as inspirational bloggers you might want to follow — who can help you realize that dream. By Tamar Weinberg

Saturday, March 06, 2010

21 Reasons Why Readers Don’t Like Your Blog

InstantShift - Reasons Why Readers Don’t Like Your Blog

Here are a Don’t Do things list for your blog. By MsaNkadl

14 Traits of Successful Blogs

Have you ever visited a blog and wondered how they got 100,000 RSS subscribers or 200,000 Twitter followers? Well, the most essential and basic ingredients behind any successful blog is Focus, Passion, and Originality. By Cyrus Patten

20 Essential Tips for Graphic Design Blog Management

instantShift - Graphic Design Blog Management Tips

Whether you work in some corporate office, small studio, or as a freelance designer, chances are you have a lot to do. As blog owners, we many times have multiple tasks to work on, content to manage, writers to handle, research to do, and more, to increase the productivity and of course, daily traffic. One way or another, there are many ways by which one can increase the efficiency of their blog. By Albertus Ryan Adrianto

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