Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 Tips To Make Twitter The #1 Source of Traffic for Your Blog

Twitter Traffic Generation

Making Twitter an important source of traffic for your blog is becoming more and more strategical for every blogger. By Luca Filigheddu

From Bloggers to Artisans

For the longest time, you could get a website that’s a shop, or a blog that’s a website but combining them all into one cohesive unit was still a bit of a mystery or just a lot of work, or pure frustration. By Nuwomb

Helpful Habits to Develop in Blogging

WHETHER you are blogging for fun or for business, it still comes down to the fundamentals of writing. By Blogussion

4 Ways to Get Motivation as a Blogger

To be honest with you, blogging can be sometimes boring, and this mostly has to do with the fact that it is becoming a routine. By Bloggingtips

Generating Content Writing Ideas

Have you ever been stuck with what to write about? Think your brain is just tapped out? When you think about website content, writing can start to elude you, especially if you’ve done this for awhile. However, there are fresh ideas to be discovered in a lot of places. Where can you get content ideas? By Bloggingtips

4 Website Traffic Generation Myths You Should Ignore

 website traffic

Generating traffic to a blog has become so important in the blogosphere today that writing almost any article on the subject of traffic generation is bound to go viral; and that is due to one major reason, people have been made to believe that traffic is the major factor that determines the success of a blog (which is true to some extent), and as a result are always on the lookout for the best ways to generate traffic. By Bloggingtips

Why You Should Write 20 Posts Before You Launch Your Blog

If you have not yet started a blog, stop. Write 20 to 30 posts before you launch. It may sound counter-intuitive, but this strategy may just be the thing to help you succeed as a blogger. Why? By Problogger

5 Tips to Sell Your Blog

Do you wonder if your blog has the potential for a big payoff? Here are 5 tips to position your blog to attract corporate buyers. By Social Media Examiner

3 Steps to Mastering Good Blogger Outreach

Awareness is the first step of any customer outreach program. It has to be, and that’s why small business owners are always on the hunt for media coverage. By Small Business Trends

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 Blogging Faux Pas You Might Be Making

Blogging is an inherently social activity, just one that happens to be done with millions of other people all across the globe. By BloggingPro

20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers

zemanta 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers

Blogging can be quite a process. First you may have to do some research, then put your thoughts together, and of course add any necessary screenshots and images. Let’s not forget the optimization part (SEO, keywords, etc) and sharing your content on the Web so that others will read it and hopefully share it. With all of these steps involved, blogging can be quite time-consuming and many bloggers get burnt out rather quickly doing these things on a daily basis. By

How to Write Faster Blog Posts (Every Time)

If you’re spending hours on every blog post, then read on! These tips will all help you improve your writing speed … without sacrificing quality. By DailyBlogTips

How to come up with blog post ideas

Any great piece of content has to begin with a great idea. You can be an amazingly talented writer – but without a strong idea, your post isn’t going to resonate with people. So, where do you get your ideas? By DailyBlogTips

7 Secrets About Using Blogs to Promote Services

A few things that can make a world of difference in how well a blog can promote a service — secrets that aren’t immediately obvious but that are pretty easy to implement once you think about them. By Blogworld

A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging Basics

Here's a mini guide for brand new bloggers. We were all new bloggers once, and it’s tough. By Blogworld

Is the Secret to Twitter Success Link Sharing?


When it comes to using Facebook to promote your business or blog, it seems pretty straightforward as to how exactly to use it. By Blogworld

The Art of Planning Your Blog


Thinking of starting a blog? So is everybody else. According to BlogPulse, there are over 174 million blogs on the Internet as of October 2011, and over 7,000 new blogs are created every day. By Denise Wakeman

Blogging Brings YOU into the Writing


In academic writing or journalism, we're usually asked to chose whether we're going to write subjectively (an argumentative or persuasive essay, opinion piece or editorial) or objectively (an expository essay, investigative report, profile or news feature). By Denise Wakeman

Blogging On A Budget: 3 Tips for Bigger Impact


Blogging is one of the top sources of online content creation for many companies. Blogs are a great vehicle for interacting and engaging with current and prospective clients. Blogs are also an effective way for prospects to associate stories, anecdotes, and personalities with a company or brand. By TopRank

Charles Darwin’s 12 Rules of Blogging Survival

Blog readers have a myriad of reading options for almost every topic you can think of. In fact, within your niche, potential customers may be enjoying blog posts written by your competitors while they ignore your blog like the plague. By ProBlogger

Monday, November 28, 2011

Live blogging tips

What are the Top 2-3 things you should know before you attempt to live-blog an event? By TopRank

The Dynamic Duo of Business Blog Marketing: Optimize & Socialize

Blogs are often rated one of the top content marketing tactics for attracting and engaging customers and eMarketer has reported blogs reach over 50% of the internet audience. But many companies fail to combine two of the most important tools for boosting relevant traffic and reach: Optimization for search engines and for social media. By TopRank

The 10 Secrets to Making a Spellbinding Video Trailer for Your Next Blog


You might like the idea of creating a trailer for your next launch. You might even believe it’s doable after reading this guide to creating movie trailers. By Problogger

How to Avoid Legal Trouble, Income Tax Fines, and Penalties as a Blogger

Making money online is no different than making money from any other type of business in that you have to abide by the same laws and regulations as any other business or citizen. By Problogger

Monday, November 07, 2011

Six Minutes to Understanding Business Blogging

Blogging. More like “blah-ging” right? Not quite, people. Sure, a blog is a great place to post funny pictures of cats, but it’s also a killer marketing tool that can fuel both your search and social media strategies. By Slingshot

Study: More women, traditional media are blogging

Among the findings in the Technorati

The blogosphere -- arguably the first engine of the new-media age -- is becoming more female, while traditional media is horning in on the blogging action. By Michael Martinez