Saturday, June 27, 2009

Twitter + Blogs = TwitBlogs!

You love Twitter, but you find its short form messages a little restricting? Or perhaps you want to add images and videos to your Tweets? TwitBlogs

5 reasons why Twitter could kill Blogs

Graphical representation about how Blogs may get knocked off by Twitter.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SEO Blogger from Wordtracker

Key word research for your blog posts just got easier.

SEO blogger demonstration by Krishna De

Are you a BlogTrotter?

A blog trotter is one who...

How To Sell Ads On Your Blog

Banner advertising is usually the first monetization option explored by any blogger looking to make some money.


Wibiya is a set of tools which allows you to connect your blog through Facebook, get more Twitter followers...

Blog vs. Print

New Blogging Projects

Darren Rowse shares his two new blog sites.

The iPhone blog

The iPhone Blog (TiPb) is for those who dare to phone different. Featuring in-depth news, help and how-to, the latest App Store and accessory reviews, the iPhone Live! podcast, and the best darn iPhone forums in the ‘verse, you can engage with us right here on the site, through RSS, on Facebook, and via @theiphoneblog on Twitter.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Site Sketch 101

5 Sure-Fire Strategies for Better Blogging

5 sure-fire strategies for better blogging.

Google to Launch Microblogging Search Engine?

Microblogging has become a very popular way for people to share news and information or even live-blog events in real time.

Choosing the Right Hashtag for Twitter


Hashtags on Twitter can serve a few useful purposes, namely in helping you to promote yourself.

Review: Using the iPhone OS 3.0 for blogging

Now that iPhone 3.0 has arrived, here are some thoughts on whether the iPhone is good for performing a variety of common blogging/social media tasks.

How Direct is Social Media Marketing?

direct marketing social media

Some great points about the intersection of direct marketing on the social web.

Careful Bloggers, the FTC Might Start Watching You

There is a big buzz in the blogosphere about a regulation that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is planning to approve late this summer.

Everyday Guide Blog Critique

Everyday Guide First Impressions

Some helpful tips on blogging.

Increase Your Blog Traffic with Twitter

An unexpected benefit of Twitter is its ability to help in driving traffic to your blog or for branding yourself.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to have succes with a niche blog

A few basic things that you need to know about niche blogs and what you need to do to have success with your niche blog.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blogs perform better in search

blog blog blog
There are a lot of people that will tell you that you need a blog because it’ll perform better in search engines and gain more traffic.

5 Ways to ‘Systemize’ your Blogging

Some suggestions for keeping your blog running in a consistent manner.

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Biggest Challenge Of Blogging

Time - Blogging's Biggest Challenge

Blogging often starts out as a hobby and/or money making endeavor and we’re led to believe it is something we can do in our free time.

23 Essential Elements of Sharable Blog Posts

What makes a blog post something that people will send around to their friends? If you’re looking to find some kind of value and impact in your blog as a communication tool, it might be useful to know what makes a post share-able, versus those posts that people read and forget.

Writing With Passion

If you’re a writer, whether you write fiction or you’re just a blogger, you must have passion or you wouldn’t be writing, right? It does take passion to keep writing on a daily basis.

The Benefits Of Co-Blogging

Co-blogging, even if the authors aren’t big names in the industry, are marketed and maintained better than a single authored blog. What are the benefits of co-blogging?

A Forgotten Key to Blogging Success

To try to work out what the extra ingredient successful blogs seem to have was, first look for what they all have in common.

Want to blog from your iPhone or iPod Touch? Here’s How!

Looking for a blogging app for your iPod touch and iphone?

Why blog? William Reed Shares His Success Story

Monday, June 01, 2009

How Google Wave will reshape the blogging world forever

Google Wave, which was announced last week, is a new model of communication and collaboration on the Internet. It will be launched late this year and it will change the way bloggers write their blogs, and the way that blog readers read the content and interact with the blogger.

5 Ways to repurpose content

With the importance of content in online marketing, many businesses are hard pressed to come up with original articles, blog posts, videos, images, presentations, etc. on a regular basis.

The #1 Conversion Killer in Your Copy (And How to Beat It)

What makes people almost buy? What makes them get most of the way there, then drop out of your shopping cart at the last second?