Friday, April 22, 2011

Why You Should Use “You” and “I” In Your Posts

Two tiny words will help you build instant rapport with your readers: I and you. By the DailyBlogTips

Use Your Lowest Quality of Content for Improvement

By find­ing and using your low­est qual­ity con­tent whether it you mea­sure it by the num­ber of retweets, com­ments, track­backs, or just the copy and mes­sage you can improve your blog­ging prac­tice. By Blogussion

Taking Your Blog Mobile: A Basic Guide

Mobile Blogging

Has your blog gone mobile yet? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but ever since smart­phones were intro­duced, mobile web brows­ing has exploded. By Blogussion

3 Effective Ways to Grow Your Email List as a Blogger

One of the most important things every blogger should do is develop a system that keeps on generating income for them for years to come and when it comes to developing a system the importance of having a mailing list should never be underestimated. By Onibalusi Bamidele

What Bloggers Need to Know About Trademark Law

There are three major types of intellectual property law: Copyright, Patent and Trademark. By The Blog Herald

Monday, April 18, 2011

6 Habits of Successful Writers

Only a very small fraction of people who can write ever attempt to actually become serious writers and, of those who do, only a fraction ever become successful at it. By Blogsessive

Build Your Audience with Facebook and Blogging

Facebook blogging audience

Facebook and blogging, if both are done right, can be a powerful combination. By Blogsessive

Why Meta Tags Are Important in Writing a Blog

Meta tags will not increase your search rankings. That’s direct from Google. But also from the mouth of Google: a well-written “snippet” from your meta tag description is likely to increase click-throughs to your site. And isn’t that we want? By Jeannette Paladino

Sunday, April 17, 2011

23 Tips To Using Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

David Risley offers some great social media tips to drive traffic to your blog.

Ultimate Guide to Get More Blog Readers

Everything you need to know to increase blog traffic. By Susan Gunelius

3 Essential Social Media SEO Tips for Advertisers

While SEO is a billion dollar industry, many companies focused on advertising are quite new to how SEO might fit within an online marketing strategy. By Top Rank

Content Licensing 101 for Bloggers

Whenever you post a blog entry, upload a photograph to your Flickr account or post a video to YouTube, you’re creating copyrighted work and sharing it with the Internet. By The Blog Herald

What Exactly Is Great Content?

No matter how pretty your blog is, it will be content that builds your reader base. You can do a lot of things to help promote your blog, like adding a “Tweet Me” or a “Like Me” button, but in the end, people will only click those buttons if you have great content. By DailyBlogTips

Email vs. RSS - How do you subscribe to blog content?

Here's a poll on how readers prefer what method for having blog content or RSS. By Build a Better Blog

What is Google +1 … and What Does it Mean for Your Blog?

On March 30th, Google announced the release of its latest addition to the search engine, a small button called the +1. As with any Google announcement, there are always going to be implications—both great and not so great—for the average and professional blogger. By Problogger

Friday, April 15, 2011

Several things that improve your content

It’s always good to have one eye on well written content whether you’re writing your own blog or someone else’s for cash. By Rob Starr

No, You Won’t Make Money Blogging

Oh, so you think you will make money blogging? Maybe. Maybe not. I’d advise you not to jump to conclusions until you finish reading this blog post. By Onibalusi Bamidele

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Landing The Blogging Job and Keeping it

The term ‘blog’ has been overused, with some still thinking that a blog is some sort of online diary. By The Blog Herald

The Four Os: a Four-Step Guide to Successful Blogging

The Four Os are:

Blog Original
Blog Often
Blog Outstanding
Blog Obsession

By Adam Best

Launch a Brand New Blog … with Authority

Launching a new blog today is not the same as it was a few years back. By ProBlogger

Blogosphere Trends + Effective Calls to Action

You might be saying, “I’m a blogger, not a sales person. I create content. Why would I need to worry about calls to action?” By Kimberly Turner

Are You Protecting Your Blog’s Most Valuable Asset?

Are you protecting one of the most valuable assets of your blog—your email list? By ProBlogger

Sunday, April 03, 2011

The 5 Best Ways to Get the Word Out About Your New Blog

You’ve spent hours developing your new blog and preparing to publish your first post. After months of hard work, you’re finally ready for the big unveiling. By Daily SEO TIP

4 Ways You Can Gain Return Visits To Your Blog

If you are not engaging with your readers then there is no way you can expect them to come back to you. By Daily SEO Tip