Sunday, January 11, 2009

TweetBacks: Track Who’s Talking About Your Blog On Twitter

Trackbacks, pingbacks, Google Alerts… There are lots of ways to find out who’s talking about your blog posts. But it’s more difficult to know if you’ve been mentioned on Twitter, where a variety of URL-shortening services disguise the final destination.

Now there’s a way you can tap into those conversations. TweetBacks, by Dan Zarrella, is a service that finds links to your blog that have been posted to Twitter via the most popular URL-shortening services. With just a bit of JavaScript you can include those mentions on your blog post just like trackbacks. Dan even has a WordPress plugin to make it easier.

TweetBacks includes several options, such as including Twitter avatars and excluding TweetBacks from certain users. The service also includes “TweetStats,” so you can display a list of your most Twittered posts.

A lot of people have moved their link blogging to Twitter, which makes it a growing source of traffic for some websites. A service that lets you tap into that community and bring the conversation back to your blog could be very popular.

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